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If you cook a lot, then you most likely spend more time in the kitchen than you do anywhere else in your home, with the exception perhaps of the bedroom. Cooking can be a glorious hobby or an all-consuming passion, but whether you are a full-time self-made master chef or a weekend cook, one thing is for certain – the skills may make the chef, but the appliances make the kitchen.

Cooking produces a lot of smoke, and it also produces airborne grease and other strong odours, such as from spices or fermented and pungent things; odours that can permeate throughout your entire house. Not to mention, if there is no way to control it, a lot of smoke can cause breathing problems for people in the house.

If you enjoy cooking, then you know how important it is to have a dependable, quality rangehood installed in your kitchen, to contain odours and smoke while you are cooking.

A Quick Look at Range Hoods

For those who are not familiar with its name – rangehood is basically a specialised ‘exhaust’ air filtration system that is installed directly above your stovetop or cooktop. It is specifically designed to remove airborne grease, smoke, steam, odours, and fumes that are produced as a result from cooking, so these don’t bellow into the rest of your home.

Most standard rangehoods simply act as a sort of ‘exhaust vent’ for smoke and odours, but specialised ones are also available which have built in fans that allow fresh air to circulate into the area, while the odoriferous air is sucked out. These are top brand rengehoods that have specialised air filtration systems that remove even the smallest particles of soot and grease that are produced from frying, charring, and searing.

Here are some great advantages that rangehoods provide and why you need them in your kitchen:

• Odour removal – no more pesky smells that linger and permeate throughout your house.

• Better air circulation – there are a number of health risks associated with accumulated smoke, soot, and airborne grease. Rangehoods help to reduce the risk of bronchial-related illnesses by literally cleaning the air.

• Additional fire safety
– specialised European rangehoods called ‘hood over hangs’ are specifically designed to even contain and prevent fires.

Increased safety, odour prevention, the added benefit of improving your home’s air quality are all good reasons why you need a top brand rangehood in your kitchen. You can find high-quality rangehoods, kitchen appliances, and spare parts at Master Tech Appliance Service.

Compared to electric ranges, many people that like to cook, as well as professional chefs will agree when it comes to using gas tops, they’ll tell you that gas cooktops are still king of the kitchen. Despite the increasing popularity of electric ranges, many people continue to prefer gas cooktops over electric ranges, with good reason. It’s true, electric ranges have some advantages, but these are easily outweighed by the benefits of using gas cooktops.

Let’s take a closer look as to why gas cooktops are considered superior:

1. Gas cooktops take less time heating and cooling.

As soon as you turn the switch on, a gas cooktop instantly releases heat through the flames. This allows you to cook food that require low heat within minutes. In comparison, an electric cooktop needs some time to heat up, which tends to be a waste of time for those into fast cooking. Because gas cooktops cool down faster than electric ranges, it makes them safer.

2. Gas cooktops provide better temperature control.

Electric cooktops usually have a limited set of temperature settings, which makes it nearly impossible to cook food perfectly. The makes the risk for overcooking more likely with electric ranges because some food preparations require precise temperatures, something only gas cooktops can achieve – allows full control of the heat.

3. Gas cooktops are more versatile.

When it comes to the type of cookware you can use, gas cooktops offer more versatility. You can use any type of cookware on them without the risk of damaging burners. Electric cooktops, on the other hand, require special pots and pans that must be handled with care. Also, any dents or warping on the bottom of these cookware can prevent electric cooktops from heating food evenly. This is never a problem with gas cooktops, food continues to cook evenly.

4. Gas cooktops are more cost-efficient.

While major brand gas cooktops are pricier than most electric ranges, in the long run, it is cheaper to maintain a gas cooktop than an electric range because gas costs significantly less than electricity.

As long as you get your major brand gas cooktop from a trusted supplier like Master Tech Appliance Services, you are guaranteed a durable and long-lasting kitchen appliance that will not only help you to cook perfect food, but that will also save you money over an electric range.

At Master Tech, we provide warranty service for all brands of cooking appliances, such as St George, Schweigen, Glen Dimplex, Belling, Robinhood, Belling, Euro, Euromaid, Ascot, Klasse, Home Appliances, and IAG Appliances, as well as a supplier of authentic spare parts.

When it comes to buying kitchen appliances, it is very similar to buying a car. When people are in the market for a new car, they spend time researching the good and bad factors of each model, and then weigh those against their needs and budget range. Of course, safety is always the main concern, especially if it is for family use.

In this regard, buying a kitchen appliance is much the same. Make sure to do some research about the various brands and models, and their function and prices, it is all part of buying safe kitchen appliances that will meet your family’s needs. The biggest temptation to watch out for is to not purchase a kitchen appliance just based on its aesthetic appeal.

For example, while some appliances may look good in a catalog or in person, it doesn’t mean that they are a safe buy, or that they will last a long time, or even function as well as you would expect them too. It is a trap many have fallen into.

Great looking handles, attractive knobs, and colours to match any décor theme can get people to fall prey to making an impulse buy, only to find out later that the kitchen oven they just purchased has an electronic ignition switch that doesn’t work anymore, or the knobs and handles become loose after little use, or any other unexpected problems.

The best way to avoid such problems is to always buy quality brand kitchen appliances, such as European brand appliances. Major brand European appliances such as St. George, Euromaid, Arc Appliance, Euro Appliances, Ascot, Savior-Faire, Schweigen, and many others are proven to be dependable brands you can trust.

Factors to Consider When Buying Safe Kitchen Appliances

It’s true, quality brand kitchen appliances are always a safe buy because they are well made and dependable, here are some factors to consider when considering to buy kitchen appliances:

Reliability and dependability – these are definitely important factors to consider when purchasing kitchen appliances such as a range or oven, and you can’t go wrong with top European brand names.

Low maintenance and fewer repairs – major brand kitchen appliances are well-known for being low maintenance and requiring less repairs, these are safe factors that will give you and your family some peace of mind.

Available appliance services
– while quality major brand kitchen appliances are a safe buy, not all appliance services are qualified to service them because they aren’t authorised to conduct warranty servicing. That is why finding a qualified appliance service in your area is important for the brand of kitchen appliance you plan to buy.

Thankfully, Master Tech Appliance Service in Melbourne is authorised to conduct warranty and repair service for all major brands. Also, if you need help with installation, we can do that too, just visit our website and book an installation, it’s easy to do!

If you take cooking seriously, then you know doubt have a top brand kitchen appliance such as a free standing oven or range in your home. It’s proven that quality European brand kitchen appliances last longer than cheaper, often unrecognisable lower quality brand kitchen appliances. Although European brand kitchen appliances are proven to be durable, low maintenance, and will last longer, these still require maintenance and spare parts, eventually.

Not all kitchen appliance services are qualified to maintain or repair newer European brand models, or have authentic spare parts available to repair them. This is why finding a reliable European brand kitchen appliance service provider in Victoria is important, to keep your appliances in good shape.

The Best Kitchen Appliance Service for European Brands

While many people would agree that European kitchen appliances are the best, there can be a problem when it comes time to servicing these, especially if the appliance is still under warranty. The truth is that not all appliance services are qualified or authorised by the manufacturers to conduct warranty services, or properly trained to provide non-warranty services.

Thankfully, there is a company that specialises in servicing European brand kitchen appliances and is a supplier of authentic spare parts. Master Tech Appliance Service offers the best European brand kitchen appliance service in Victoria. Our company is authorised to conduct warranty services on all major European brand kitchen appliances, such as Euromaid, Eurolec, Westinghouse, Whirlpool, Euro, Savoir-Faire, Ascot, Schweigen, Simpson, Xpel, Emila, Chef, and St George

Warranty and Non-Warranty Service for European Brand Kitchen Appliances

European brand kitchen appliances are a solid investment, that is why manufacturers of quality appliances provide a warranty. The only problem with owning a quality European kitchen appliance is that when it needs to be serviced it can be frustrating trying to find an authorised service provider that will come to your home when needed.

Here at Master Tech Appliance Service, it is easy to book a service online for your European brand kitchen appliance. Just fill out the required information, such as the model, brand, and serial number of your appliance, along with the date it was purchased, and then one of our service technicians will contact you within 48 hours with a confirmation date and time.

Owning a European brand kitchen appliance shouldn’t be stressful, and here at Master Tech we make sure that you don’t have to worry if you ever need warranty or non-warranty service, maintenance, repair work, or spare parts.

There are benefits of fan-forced ovens over conventional ovens, mainly that a fan-forced oven uses a heating element that is in the back of the oven that surrounds the fan. Fan forced oven elements allow for greater control of temperature while cooking, by heating air before it begins to circulate within the oven. Introducing hot air in this way helps to efficiently distribute temperature while cooking, and this helps to cook food more evenly and thoroughly.

Similar to conventional ovens, fan-forced ovens can cook all kinds of foods, but they are able to do it more efficiently because of the greater control of the temperature inside the oven. Fan forced oven elements keep the temperature inside ovens steady, and that helps to cook food better than conventional ovens. Because food is cooked more efficiently and faster, these are considered energy-saving ovens, which is the main reason for their popularity among people who cook food a lot.

When gradual heat is needed, such as when baking foods like cakes and cookies, the fan can be turned off. Although this type of oven has its benefits, it is just like any other oven when used frequently, parts can and do eventually break down and need to be replaced.

Replacement Parts for Fan Forced Oven Elements

When replacement parts for oven are needed, it can be hard to find fan forced oven element replacement parts for top brand European ovens at local appliance stores, hardware stores, or home depots. Thankfully, you can now find replacement parts for all major brand kitchen appliances online, at Master Tech Appliance Service.

While most appliance repair services do have common spare parts available for ovens, many don’t carry high-end brand name replacement parts for major European brands. But at Master Tech, you can find the parts you need, like fan forced oven element replacement parts, for all major brand ovens and kitchen appliances, such as St. George, Euro Appliances, Savior-Faire, Euromaid, Arc Appliance, Ascot, Schweigen, and many others.

Not only is ordering appliance spare parts online easy, but so is booking a repair service for your kitchen appliances. Simply fill out the basic form by providing information about your appliance, and you will get confirmation back within 48 hours.

Master Tech Appliance Service supplies only authentic spare parts for all major brand appliances, and is an authorised agent to conduct warranty services on all major brand kitchen appliance. Whether it is spare parts or maintenance and repair services that you need for your home appliances, Master Tech can help.

Of all the appliances found in modern kitchens, it is without a doubt that the stove is the most important, as it is used to prepare food daily. From frying small breakfast meals, such as eggs, various lunch foods, and even full-course delicious dinner meals, the faithful stove is the workhouse of every kitchen. However, when it comes to the type of kitchen stove, it is a personal preference to use either an electric stove or a gas stove.

Besides being an essential, must have appliance for preparing meals, quality brand name stoves are also aesthetically appealing and can help to define one’s kitchen to meet an interior design plan. There are many brands, models and types of stoves, ranges, and ovens available that can appeal to all kinds of aesthetic tastes, however, what really differentiates them apart is whether they are electric or gas powered.

It can be difficult deciding on which type of stove to buy, as gas and electric stoves both have their pros and cons, but one thing they do have in common is that they need to be maintained, and sometimes repaired.

Common Problems of Gas Stoves

Cooking with gas is preferable in busy kitchens that cook all day long, mainly because it is much cheaper than cooking with an electric stove. However, more cleaning is required with gas stoves and that can cause some common problems:

The surface burner won’t light – if you need to keep relighting a surface burner, or, the burner won’t light, then the problem may be that the burner holes have become clogged-up. To clean them, wait until it is cool, remove the burner and soak it in hot water to loosen built up gunk and then scrub the burner holes with a metal brush. If this doesn’t fix the problem, the problem may be with the igniter.

The pilot light is extinguished – does your stove have an electric igniter, and the pilot light is out? Check the instruction manual for information about how to turn on and off the pilot light. Follow the instructions, making sure that there is power to the stove by checking the circuit breaker. If this doesn’t work, then you should contact an appliance repair service.

While cleaning a stove, range, or oven is considered basic maintenance, it is always advised to have these serviced by professionals when problems occur, as it is not safe or recommended to attempt to repair a gas stove without the proper tools, training and experience.

If you would like to have your gas or electric stove, range, or oven professionally serviced, book a service with Master Tech Appliance Service online. It’s fast and easy, and you will receive confirmation in less than 48 hours.

Whether you intend to purchase a kitchen appliance for a residential or commercial kitchen, finding a reliable appliance service installer that offers warranty and non- warranty repair work is important, especially for commercial kitchens. Commercial kitchens depend on their appliances to make money, and making sure that kitchen ranges are well maintained, serviced, and repaired when needed is paramount.

When in need of a kitchen appliance service installer, for repair work or maintenance, seek out a professional kitchen appliance service that covers your area and that has a dependable reputation, and is knowledgeable and capable of installing the best brand name ovens, cooktops, free standing ovens and rangehoods. A company that is authorised to conduct warranty work on all major brand kitchen appliance, a company just like Master Tech Appliances Service.

Master Tech Kitchen Appliance Service: Professional Installer and Repairs Work Coverage

Whether you just purchased a new kitchen appliance for home or for a commercial business, you can count of the professional installers at Master Tech Appliance Service to make sure it is installed properly and working as it should. Master Tech installers are authorised and trained to work on all major brand kitchen appliances, such as St. George, Savior-Faire, Damani, Euromaid, Fagor, Klasse, IAG, Venini, Robinhood, and Schweigen, just to name a few.

Master Tech also guarantees high quality repair work coverage on both warranty and non-warranty jobs, as well as maintenance work.

Kitchen Appliance Installation Service for All Major Brands

You can expect the best when you book a service with Master Tech, whether you need a wall oven, dishwasher, range, or standing over installed, our professional appliance technicians can install the most modern and finest brands available in the market. Whether it is for a home kitchen or a commercial kitchen, top brand name appliance manufacturers trust Master Tech with installing their appliances, and so should you.

If you want the best, then call Master Tech Appliance Services. Booking an installation, or book a service for maintenance or repair of an appliance, is easy online. Just visit the Master Tech Appliance Service website, click on book an installation or book a service, fill out basic information about your appliance, your name, and address, and you will receive confirmation in less than 48 hours. It’s that easy.

Master Tech is also a supplier of authentic replacement spare parts for all major brand appliances. For more information about authentic spare parts, installation services, or warranty services for your kitchen appliance, please contact Master Tech Appliance Service today.

The most integral and necessary parts in a home kitchen are the appliances, and because of that, people have invested a lot of money over a lifetime on a number of different types of kitchen appliances. Most people buy kitchen appliances as needed, such as when an oven or a free standing range ceases to function properly and are too old to repair, or, when a new hood is needed for a kitchen renovation project.

The most difficult part of buying a new kitchen appliance, after searching all over town for the appliance you want, is to have it transported to your home and installed, properly. Not all department stores deliver the kitchen appliances they sell, most just contract the delivery and installation to a third-party installer, this is also the case when you buy kitchen appliances online. Until you have your kitchen range delivered and installed, you just don’t know what kind of installation service you will receive.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to experience mistakes in kitchen appliance installation, especially when buying cheap appliances online. That is why it is recommended to buy only recognized major brand kitchen appliances online, appliances that come with a warranty, just in case mistakes are made during installation.

What common mistakes in kitchen appliance installation are there? That is a good question to ask, here are a few below:

Bad installation, kitchen appliances that don’t function properly – this happens when installers are not properly trained to install the latest models of major brand kitchen appliances, installers may not know how to ensure that your appliance is fully functioning properly. This is mostly the case with the latest models of appliances that have advanced electronic controls.

Installing a hood too high – when a hood is installed too high above the cooktop emissions from cooking can escape and travel throughout the kitchen and home; that is because the ventilating system is not close enough to function effectively to capture all the smoke.

Plumbing and gas piping leaks – it is not uncommon that after an appliance installer has left, water leaks from a dishwasher or the smell of gas from a range are noticed. Connecting water and gas lines to appliances incorrectly is not uncommon, and fixing it often require contacting another appliance repair and installation service.

If you want to avoid the common mistakes in kitchen appliance installation, then it is advised to book a service with the best kitchen appliance installers, at Master Tech Appliance Service – a company specialising in the installation of major brand appliances, spare parts, appliance maintenance, and warranty service.

Schweigen is a leading brand of kitchen appliances, their series of rangehoods are of the highest quality, combining sleek and modern designs with complete functionality and innovative features. When creating the perfect kitchen for your home, office space, or food business, you simply couldn’t ask for better rangehoods!

There are several benefits to owning a Schweigen rangehood:

Where can I get Schweigen rangehoods in Melbourne? For customers in Melbourne, Master Tech Appliance Service is the best provider of Schweigen rangehoods and offer first-rate installation services. The company has Schweigen rangehoods available that you can readily order online, and booking an installation service is easy and you will get confirmation back with 48 hours.

Here at Master Tech Appliance Service, we service all major brand appliances, and offer non-warranty repair service too. We also carry replacements parts for all major brand appliances, and booking an installation is fast and easy.

Whether you have a new kitchen, or you are remodeling, it is advised to always choose the finest available oven brands to buy for your home. Well-known European oven brands are the best, as these are proven to deliver superior performance, durability, and are low maintenance because of being high-quality appliances. The only problems with owning a top brand name oven is when spare parts are needed, they may be are hard to find, as most kitchen appliance outlets and suppliers don’t usually carry high-end oven spare parts.

That should never dissuade one from buying and owning a top-quality oven brand such as Ascot, Euro, Savoir-Faire Appliances, Euromaid, Eurolec, Chef, Schweigen, Simpson, Xpel, Emila, Westinghouse, Whirlpool, and St George, just to mention a few. Thankfully, there is a spare parts supplier of European oven brands that you can contact, any time, Master Tech Appliance Service.

Master Tech Appliance Service is a Spare Parts Supplier of European Oven Brands

Even high-quality European oven brands eventually will need maintenance and spare parts, unfortunately, for many kitchen appliance repair and maintenance services that do actually service high-end European oven brands, authentic spare parts are hard to come by and usually alternative generic parts are used instead. Using only authentic spare parts for major brand appliances is advised, especially if they are still under warranty.

In fact, having unauthorised appliance repair and maintenance technicians servicing your oven, or using generic spare parts, can void the warranty. With that said, finding an authorised warranty and non-warranty appliance maintenance service that has spare parts for European oven brands is advised.

Warranty and Non-Warranty Servicing of European Kitchen Appliances in Victoria

If you own a top brand European oven, then you will happy to know that you can book a service at Master Tech Appliance Service in Victoria, it’s easy to do online. Simply provide your contact number and basic information about your appliance, such as the brand, the model, its serial number, and the date you purchased it, and you will receive a confirmation back within 48 hours.

Master Tech Appliance Service is an authorised agent for all major brand kitchen appliances, and we provide exceptional warranty and non-warranty repair, maintenance, and installation services.

If you are looking for spare parts for a European oven brand, or any major appliance brand, then we can help, here at Master Tech Appliance Service, inquiries are welcome.