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If you are in the market for a new oven, then you want to make sure that you get a good brand. The reason is that there are many types of ovens to choose from, but not all “affordable” oven manufacturers have available parts here in Australia.

While European kitchen ovens and cooktops are popular, for good reasons – they are reliable and well-made – many people are discovering that Italian designed ovens, by Danika Australian oven brand, offer the same reliability and functionality as popular, high-quality European kitchen appliance manufacturers.

Spare Parts Available at Master-Tech Appliance Services for Danika Australian Oven Brand

Choosing to buy a new Danika Australian oven brand just makes sense, considering their affordable price and superior quality to most imported brands. Danika’s built-in ovens, such as their 60cm electric ovens, have a cool door with removable inner glass, 59 litre capacity, a mechanical 60 minute timer with alarm, a 7 function fan forced electric oven, is easy to clean, with max cooking power of 2380W, and has a 50-250oC Temperature range.

Danika’s 90cm wall ovens have a fully programmable digital timer, a manual timer, 80 litre capacity, an 8 function fan forced electric oven, 2 internal lights, double glazed door with a full finish, with a max cooking power of 3400W, and is also easy to clean.

You are in good hands when you choose to buy a Danika oven, as you will never have to worry about finding an authorised warranty service or the spare parts you need. That’s because Master-Tech Appliance Services is an authorised agent for all Danika built-in ovens, freestanding cookers, cooktops, rangehoods, and dishwashers.

If you ever need spare parts or accessories for your Danika oven, we have them. Master-Tech also carries spare parts for all major brand appliances, and if we don’t have the spare parts you need listed, we can get them. All you have to do is just fill in the details about the spare parts you need, and then one of our technicians will get in touch as soon as possible.

Installation Service Available for Danika Australian Brand Appliances

It is exciting purchasing a brand new oven, and you shouldn’t have to worry about having it properly installed. At Master-Tech Appliance Services, you can easily book an installation online, and you will receive confirmation within 48 hours. Simply, provide the required details about your Danika oven and your contact information. It’s that easy.

Whether it is a residential or commercial kitchen, there are basic kitchen essentials that can be found among the best chefs and cooks. Quality kitchen utensils such as a metal spatula for flipping and tossing all types of foods, whisks for mixing dry ingredients and for stirring while cooking meals, tongs for turning foods such as chicken breasts are just a few of the utensils found in an active kitchen.

Also, among the basic kitchen essential you’ll find all types of pots and pans, such as cast iron pans, nonstick skillets, sauce pans, sheet pans, and baking pans. While kitchen utensils, pots and pans are vital for food preparation and cooking, the “must have” basic kitchen essential is definitely a quality cooktop and oven.

When it comes to quality cooktops and ovens, no other brand is more sought after than Saviore Faire cooktops and ovens.

Your “Must Have” Basic Kitchen Essential is A Savoire Faire Cooktop

In the best eateries, restaurants, and home kitchens, you will find Savoire Faire cooktops. Why? The answer is simple, it is one of the best European kitchen brand appliance manufacturers. Savoire Faire are experts at melding high-quality, dependable, proven parts with the latest technological advancements and materials into each of its cooktops. And, professional chefs and cooks know it.

In fact, professional chefs and cooks around the world depend on their Savoire Faire cooktops and ovens to consistently create delicious foods for their customers, and, to maintain their professional reputations. As expected, anything as valuable as a top-notch brand kitchen appliance, such as a Savoire Faire cooktop, comes at a price; a price well worth, especially if restaurants, diners, or catering services want to produce the best foods consistently.

Whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, Savoir Faire cooktops are a must-have item for your kitchen because they are dependable, high quality, and efficient
kitchen appliances with a configuration of gas burners that can handle all of your cooking needs.

Savoir Faire Cooktop Parts and Accessories at Mater Tech Appliance Services

For those who desire a Savoir Faire cooktop, Master Tech Appliance Services has a select list that can be viewed on our website, as well as spare parts for all major brand kitchen appliances. We also provide professional installation services, warranty services and non-warranty maintenance and repair services too. Booking a service or an installation is simple and easy, and you expect to receive a confirmation within 48 hours after booking.

If you have decided to purchase an Allenzi free standing oven, then you know that they are built to last. The gas oven has an impressive electronic thermostat instead of a conventional gas mechanical thermostat. This makes the gas oven just as accurate to control temperature as an electric oven, and the door is even safe to touch even when the oven is on, which is ideal for families with children.

There are many other advantages of owning an Allenzi free standing oven, which is why it is a very popular brand of oven. However, the only problem people have with buying quality brand appliances is with installation and finding spare parts. Fortunately, these are not problems because Master Tech Appliance Services provides installation services and spare parts for all major brand appliances.

Installation Service Available for Allenzi Free Standing Ovens at Master Tech Appliance Services

Once you have ordered your Allenzi free standing oven, you can easily book an installation online with Master Tech Appliance Services. It is easy to do, just visit our website, choose ‘book an installation’, and provide the required details about your new appliance and your contact information. One you provide the requested scheduled date of installation, you can expect confirmation with 48 hours from one of our technicians.

At Master Tech Appliance Services, we are authorised agents of all major brand name appliances, and we provide warranty and non-warranty services that include general maintenance and repairs.

Master Tech Appliance Services has Spare Parts for Allenzi Free Standing Ovens

Here at Master Tech Appliance Services, we have spare parts for Allenzi free standing ovens. In fact, we carry the needed spare parts for all major European kitchen appliance brands. If there are spare parts that are not listed on our website, simply fill in the details of the spare parts needed on our website and you will get a reply as soon as possible about the availability and price of the parts.

With Master Tech Appliance Services, you can feel confident about having your new European brand kitchen appliance installed, and warranty service available when needed. Onsite repair and warranty services for home appliance brands include Allenzi, St George, Euromaid, Ascot, Klasse, Euro, Robinhood, Home Appliances, Glen Dimplex, IAG Appliances, Belling, and Schweigen.

Scheduling a maintenance service for your existing kitchen appliance in Melbourne is also easy to do, simply fill out a request on our Book a Service option. For busy kitchens, it is highly recommended to schedule regular maintenance, as it will help keep appliances in top working condition, which is important for commercial kitchens.

When upgrading a kitchen oven, whether it’s for remodeling a home or just the need to buy a new oven, it is highly advisable to purchase the best brand appliances available, such as well-known European oven brands like Damani. Damani is known for manufacturing high-quality appliances that last, and their ovens are no exception, as these are low-maintenance, durable, and deliver superior performance.

While it is unfortunate that not many appliance centres and appliance repair services carry high-end, European oven spare parts for Damani ovens, there is a kitchen appliance supplier in Victoria who does.

Master Tech Appliance Services has Damani Oven Spare Parts

Master Tech Appliance Services provides oven spare parts for Damani ovens as well as for all major European kitchen appliance brand. Oven spare parts include fan elements, hinges, grill elements, lower elements, oven selector switches, thermostats, and many others. In fact, if you can’t find the oven spare parts you need, you can easily fill in the details of the spare parts you need on our website, and we will reply as soon as possible with a price and availability of the spare parts you need.

Not only does Master Tech Appliance Services supply spare parts for Damani ovens, but you can find spare parts for all major brand kitchen appliance, such as St George, Euro, Euromaid, Ascot, Klasse, Schweigen, Robinhood, Home Appliances, Belling, IAG Appliances, and Glen Dimplex. Not only can you get the kitchen appliance spare parts you need for top European brand appliances, but Master Tech Appliance Services also provides authorised warranty and repair services too.

Onsite Repair and Warranty Service for All Major Brand Appliances

Here at Master Tech Appliance Services, our technicians are factory trained and certified to install, diagnose, and repair not only Damani ovens, but all major brand kitchen appliances. To book a service or an installation is easy to do, just visit our website, select book a service or book an installation, and then fill out the basic information about your kitchen appliance.

Once you have entered your contact information, address, the model and serial number of your appliance, you will then receive a confirmation call within 48 hours. Once confirmed, one of our technicians will arrive onsite at the agreed date and time to conduct repairs or an installation of your new appliance.

If you need Damani oven spare parts, or spare parts for any European brand appliance, then Master Tech Appliance Services can help.

If you have plans to purchase a new kitchen appliance for your home, but you are not sure what type of oven or range to buy until you arrive at your local department store, then there is something you should know – not all kitchen appliance brands are made the same.

It is not uncommon that people don’t consider the type or brand of kitchen appliance they will buy until they arrive at a department store or mall, and then choose from among whatever brand appliances that are available. This is not recommended for those who wish to purchase a quality, long-lasting kitchen appliance, as there are many appliance brands that are not well-known, time-tested and proven to last.

This is not the case with quality, top brand kitchen appliances such as St George, Ascot, Klasse, Schweigen, Glen Dimplex, Euro, Euromaid, Belling, Robinhood, Home Appliances, IAG Appliances, and Belling.

Reasons You Should Choose the Best Brands for Kitchen Appliances

Generic brand ovens and ranges are everywhere, cheaply priced and made, and many people settle for these because they are affordable. However, if you want a kitchen appliance that will last for many years, with little maintenance requirements, then don’t just settle for just any brand of oven and range, especially if you are one who enjoys cooking. Instead, you should choose the best brands for your kitchen, here are some reasons why:

Best brand kitchen appliances are reliable – well-known kitchen appliances such as St George, Westinghouse, and Ascot are dependable, made from quality materials that will last longer than cheaply made generic brand appliances.

Less maintenance and repairs – the best brand appliances are tested to be rugged and well-made, these will last longer and require less maintenance because their parts are made to handle frequent use. Top brands kitchen appliances are a must-have for commercial establishments and for those who like to cook often.

Extended warranty coverage – the extra money spent on a quality, top brand kitchen appliance will give you a piece of mind. If any problems do occur, the extended warranty coverage will cover parts and maintenance well over the basic 30 to 60 day store warranty on generic brand appliances.

Local appliance services available – when inexpensive, generic kitchen appliances break-down and need parts and servicing, repair costs can easily exceed the worth of the appliance. This is why people chose to purchase a new kitchen appliance instead because few appliance repair services refuse to service cheaper generic brands.

At Master Tech Appliance Services, we are authorised by all major brand appliance manufactures to conduct warranty services. Booking a service is easy to do, just fill out basic information online about your kitchen appliance, and you will receive confirmation within 48 hours or less.

When you are an avid cook or baker, you need to outfit your kitchen accordingly. Spacious countertops, ample pantry space and the right type of appliances are a must for this under these circumstances. One appliance to seriously consider is a large kitchen oven instead of a standard size one when your space allows for it. If you entertain a lot or have a large family, nothing is more aggravating than having to wait on certain things to complete cooking or baking before you can do additional items that you need. We offer you some of the benefits of this size of oven in the following to illustrate our point.

You Can Prepare Multiple Meals and/or Pans of Baked Goods Simultaneously

With large ovens along with their stove tops, you can prepare multiple meals and/or baked goods at the same time. No more will you need to wait a long time to complete your creations. This saves you time in the kitchen, which is important with the current hectic pace of your life. Cooking and baking become even more enjoyable than you considered them prior to the installation of this size of oven.

Large Ovens Often Offer Additional Features

Most of the time, large ovens offer additional features than standard size ones do, such as multiple timers, precise temperature controls, wok burners, BBQ grill plates and more. In addition, the construction of these ovens is on a commercial level that is as durable as the ones in restaurant kitchens.

Entertaining Is a Breeze with a Large Oven

With all of the benefits that a large oven offers you, preparing food for a party or gathering is a breeze. Instead of you being in the kitchen and missing the fun, you will be out among your guests where you belong.

Your Family Has to Wait Less Time to Eat

Meal prep will not take as long with a spacious-size oven, which means your family will not have to wait as long to enjoy your delectable dishes. As a result, there will be no grouchy family members to contend with due to hunger pains.

Today, Large Ovens Are Highly Attractive

A final advantage of a large oven is the fact that there are a number of attractive models from which to select. You will be able to find one that complements the rest of your kitchen in an ideal fashion.

To purchase a high-quality large oven, turn to Master Appliance Services. We sell and install freestanding ovens, range hoods, cooktops and wall ovens. Also, we carry spare parts from a number of quality brands along with accessories. Our company will perform various maintenance tasks upon request to ensure that our products continue to operate in an optimum manner.

For either a home or a commercial kitchen, it is highly advised to schedule a maintenance check of your kitchen appliances in Melbourne, especially if your kitchen gets a lot of use. Because of the fact that appliances in busy kitchens undergo a lot of wear and tear, day after day, they should receive regular needed maintenance servicing, especially for commercial kitchen appliances.

While you may be tempted to save some money, opting to skip appliance maintenance services, kitchen appliance maintenance does offer a number of advantages that you would miss out on entirely.

If you enjoy cooking often, or if the kitchen is your personal domain and you want to make sure that your all of your appliances are in the best condition they can be, you should consider the advantages that regular maintenance checks can provide, such as the following:

• Guaranteed functionality

By scheduling kitchen appliance maintenance, you are guaranteed that your kitchen appliance will function flawlessly. No longer will you have to worry or settle for an appliance that does not perform as it should, or that may not work when you need it too. Kitchen appliance maintenance will make sure that your appliances are working and dependable.

• Updated equipment

It can be difficult for some who have grown attached to their old kitchen appliances, but after a scheduled kitchen appliance maintenance visit it may be discovered that a new appliance is needed. Upgrading to a new kitchen appliance may be the best solution rather than pouring money into an outdated one in repair costs, or because of safety concerns when these become too old and unsafe to use.

• Long-term savings 

With regular kitchen appliance maintenance, you can benefit from long-term savings, as the equipment you invested in can still be used. Even older, quality, major brand name kitchen appliances can last for many years, if they are regularly maintained.

At Master Tech Appliance Services, it is easy to book a service online. Simply fill out the required information about your kitchen appliance, as well as your name and address, and one of our helpful technicians will contact you within 48 hours. You can also book an installation online in the same way.

When you schedule a maintenance check of your kitchen appliances in Melbourne, with Master Tech Appliance Services – a company specialising in maintenance and repair parts for all major brand European kitchen appliances, you can be sure you are getting the best service in town.

This holiday is bound to be special time for a lot of people who are hankering for an opportunity at getting a brand new kitchen appliance to replace their old one. While buying new branded kitchen appliances has never been easier, it is has caused some unique problems, thanks to the fact that there are so many brands to choose from.

Because there are so many kitchen appliance brands on sale during the Holidays, all at varying prices at countless stores and malls, and many times there is very little input from sales personnel about the pros and cons of each brand.

If you’re keen on buying the best kitchen appliances this holiday, then you have to equip yourself with these five essential tips to help you avoid wasting money on low-quality kitchen appliances.

5 Essential Tips To Help You Choose Quality Branded Kitchen Appliances

Before you go out and purchase some of the finest kitchen appliances money can buy, it is best to equip yourself with these essential tips to help you choose quality branded kitchen appliances this holiday:

• Research quality brands
– it pays to do your research, especially if you’re after buying the best brand appliance. A simple Google search will reveal the quality European appliance brands on the market, and then familiarise yourself with which brands rank best before making a decision.

• Read reviews – reading reviews written by customers who have purchased the specific kitchen appliance you are interested in buying will also help. You can benefit from these as it will help you to avoid buying a problematic product.

• Compare prices – not all stores sell appliances at similar mark-down prices, some stores may sell appliances for considerably more or less than the others. However, if you don’t have the time to drive around town and compare prices, you can shop for quality European brand kitchen appliances online too.

• Check the product thoroughly in-store – if you are unfamiliar with a kitchen brand appliance that is on sale, it is advised to make sure there are no defects, as some things that are on-sale are on-sale for a reason. To avoid buying a defected appliance, it is advised to stick with major brand kitchen appliances.

• Be open to buying online – while appliance stores carry some major brand kitchen appliances, there is usually only a few brands and models available. If you’ve done your research, and you know the brand and model appliance that you want to buy, then finding it is easier than you think, when you shop online at Master Tech Appliance Services.

Safety and security are the most important things to consider when somebody is handling the installation of kitchen appliances in your home. A poorly installed gas range, for example, can cause a fire or result in damage to your kitchen appliance, among other things.

How to ensure the safe installation of your kitchen appliance? That’s easy, make sure that you choose a factory certified kitchen appliance installer from Master Tech Appliance Services.

Reasons Why You Should Choose a Factory Certified Kitchen Appliance Installer


While many local tradespeople such as carpenters, landscapers, technicians, plumbers, and handymen may call themselves professionals, what is the guarantee that you will receive the best service? Professionalism comes with proper training, experience, documentation, licensing, credentials and excellent customer service. If you need a kitchen appliance installed, it is advised to seek out a factory certified and trained appliance installer because you will receive the professionalism you really need.


Booking a service with a certified kitchen appliance installer can save you money. How? While referred technicians and servicemen can be cheaper to hire, their work is not guaranteed and may void the warranty of your kitchen appliance, especially if they are not certified by the manufacturer.

In fact, appliance installers that are not properly trained may rush through their work and make mistakes. Hiring someone that is referred to you by a friend may not be the best option, as they may not be well-trained or experienced in the installation of your specific brand and model of kitchen appliance.

Although there may be many experienced servicemen available, when it comes to installing high-quality European brand kitchen appliances under warranty, then nothing less than a factory certified kitchen appliance installer will do.

Peace of Mind

When you book an installation service from Master Tech Appliance Services, you have the peace of mind knowing that your new kitchen appliance will be installed properly and safely, with all work being approved under factory warranty.

Master Tech Appliance Services is a licensed company with the professionalism that handles warranty and installation services for ‘all’ major kitchen appliance brands. With over 25 years of experience in maintaining, repairing, and installing kitchen appliances, Master Tech Appliance Services is an authorised factory certified kitchen appliance installer.

It is easy to book an installation. Simply fill out the online form providing your basic contact information, the type and model of the kitchen appliance you want installed. You can expect a confirmation call within 48 hours, it’s that easy!

If you cook a lot, then you most likely spend more time in the kitchen than you do anywhere else in your home, with the exception perhaps of the bedroom. Cooking can be a glorious hobby or an all-consuming passion, but whether you are a full-time self-made master chef or a weekend cook, one thing is for certain – the skills may make the chef, but the appliances make the kitchen.

Cooking produces a lot of smoke, and it also produces airborne grease and other strong odours, such as from spices or fermented and pungent things; odours that can permeate throughout your entire house. Not to mention, if there is no way to control it, a lot of smoke can cause breathing problems for people in the house.

If you enjoy cooking, then you know how important it is to have a dependable, quality rangehood installed in your kitchen, to contain odours and smoke while you are cooking.

A Quick Look at Range Hoods

For those who are not familiar with its name – rangehood is basically a specialised ‘exhaust’ air filtration system that is installed directly above your stovetop or cooktop. It is specifically designed to remove airborne grease, smoke, steam, odours, and fumes that are produced as a result from cooking, so these don’t bellow into the rest of your home.

Most standard rangehoods simply act as a sort of ‘exhaust vent’ for smoke and odours, but specialised ones are also available which have built in fans that allow fresh air to circulate into the area, while the odoriferous air is sucked out. These are top brand rengehoods that have specialised air filtration systems that remove even the smallest particles of soot and grease that are produced from frying, charring, and searing.

Here are some great advantages that rangehoods provide and why you need them in your kitchen:

• Odour removal – no more pesky smells that linger and permeate throughout your house.

• Better air circulation – there are a number of health risks associated with accumulated smoke, soot, and airborne grease. Rangehoods help to reduce the risk of bronchial-related illnesses by literally cleaning the air.

• Additional fire safety
– specialised European rangehoods called ‘hood over hangs’ are specifically designed to even contain and prevent fires.

Increased safety, odour prevention, the added benefit of improving your home’s air quality are all good reasons why you need a top brand rangehood in your kitchen. You can find high-quality rangehoods, kitchen appliances, and spare parts at Master Tech Appliance Service.