4 Tell-tale Signs You Need Urgent Cooktop Replacement

06 August 2021

Kitchen spaces will not be complete if they do not possess effective and functional cooking appliances. One of the appliances used for cooking is the cooktop. A cooktop is designed to be installed on a counter and typically matched with a separate wall oven.

What makes a cooktop great for different types of kitchen spaces is that it can boast a wide array of sizes. A cooktop can likewise utilise different heat sources to carry out its cooking functions. Another great thing about maximising a cooktop is that it can offer numerous burner styles and options. Ultimately, using a cooktop grants kitchen owners an opportunity to choose their preferred oven unit.

However, just like other cooking appliances, a cooktop might also obtain some issues and problems as time passes. If your cooktop has the following signs, then you should have it replaced right away.

Failure to Operate and Turn On

One notable sign of a failing cooktop is that it does not turn on. A cooktop that has this specific problem may be associated with faulty spark igniters or loose wirings. The spark igniters of your cooktop may become faulty as food debris start to accumulate and clog them, which could wear them out over time. Wirings can likewise become loose or even broken after repetitive use, resulting in a faulty cooktop. If you have this specific issue, then you must replace your cooktop immediately.

Faulty Control Panel Components

The control panel of your cooktop is essential so that your food can be cooked and heated appropriately. If your cooktop, however, has broken buttons or knobs, then you do not have any choice but to replace the whole unit. Replacing the components of your control panel is not recommended since they can cost a lot. And with just a few more dollars, you can already obtain a new cooktop for your kitchen.

Cold Burners or Hot Plates

Another tell-tale sign that your cooktop needs to be replaced is the presence of cold burners or hot plates during its operation. Burners or hot plates are significant to cooktops as they carry out the cooking process. If these elements, however, do not generate enough heat, then it would take you a very long time to have your meals cooked. Worse, your meals might not be cooked at all. Replacing your cooktop altogether is recommended to ensure that your kitchen will be functional again.

Presence of Gas Odour

One more sign that your cooktop must be replaced immediately is the presence of a gas odour. The gas used for gas cooktop often has fragrant additives to ensure that leaks can be determined easily. Having a gas odour around your kitchen right after turning the cooktop on can be dangerous. As a matter of fact, it is recommended for you to turn off your cooktop right away once a gas odour is present in your area. Subsequently, you must check its components to see if the gas leak comes from them. Cooktop replacement must then be done if you have confirmed the presence of a gas leak in your cooktop.

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