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Cooking produces various effluents including oil, dampness, and smoke. With the fumes fan on, every one of these parts is drawn up through the kitchen hood, through the channels, and into the ventilation work developing over the long haul. When the development is adequate, it turns into a fire danger—which must be forestalled through routine cleaning. Here is a typical grouping of occasions prompting a kitchen exhaust fire, which has not been cleaned: A high fire either erupts or is made on the burner. Then the fire interacts with the channels situated in the kitchen hood and they are touched off. With the fumes fan on attracting air, the blazes are additionally attracted upward to the ventilation work.

If adequate oil buildup exists inside the channels, it can go about as a wellspring of fuel, conveying the fire further into the fumes framework causing huge harm, and setting the structure and its tenants in danger. Notwithstanding the danger of fire, there are a few additional motivations to have your eatery’s kitchen hood cleaned:

Guarantees Health

The air quality inside your café’s kitchen and all through the structure is influenced by the tidiness of your fumes framework. When channels become stopped up and ventilation work is undermined, defiled particulate is allowed to flow in involved regions inside the structure where staff and supporters can breathe it in.

Code Compliance

Adherence to standards incorporate the maintenance and cleaning of business cooking gear, including fumes and fan frameworks. If your eatery is discovered to be disregarding these or other codes or guidelines, your kitchen may bomb assessment, costing you extra time and cash while it is brought back up to code or even put you bankrupt. And if a fire ought to happen because of an absence of cleaning, your insurance agency may utilize this data to decide obligation and deny your case.

Anticipation of Accidents

Your kitchen exhaust framework isn’t just a fire peril, however a favourable place for microorganisms, form, and buildup on account of high volumes of dampness and warmth. Forestall ailment and likely mechanical disappointment and harm with normal, professional, kitchen hood cleaning.

Timetable Routine Cleanings

How often you have your eatery’s kitchen hood cleaned relies upon the sort and volume of cooking inside your foundation. The following is the regular timetable to acquaint yourself with the standard routine cleaning and maintenance per gear. For wood or charcoal-consuming ovens, they must be cleaned and looked after month to month. While hoods over non-oil apparatuses or those that work occasionally, periodically, or produce low volumes of food are to be cleaned and looked after yearly.

Kitchen appliances often take the brunt from all the holiday cooking and preparation. Homeowners often don’t think about their appliances until something goes wrong and they are no longer able to use them. Appliances have made our lives much more convenient, but they also require routine maintenance to avoid breakdowns.

Neglecting maintenance can let small glitches or debris build-up cause serious problems and excess energy usage. Avoiding appliance problems is not always possible, but there are ways to help prolong the situation as much as possible. Here is why Christmas season check is important to make sure your kitchen appliances are working efficiently.

Improved Efficiency

Your kitchen appliances have important jobs and you want to make sure that they are working as efficiently as possible. You should work hard to keep them working as they should, such as having refrigerators cooling without overworking the unit. There can be a number of reasons your appliances may be having problems, but maintenance can help fix the issues.

As kitchen appliances age, natural wear-and-tear slows efficiency.  Consequently, lower efficiency appliances, in turn, cost more money to utilize. Smaller, frequent maintenance can catch little things that have a significant impact on efficiency. As a result, it allows your appliances to work efficiently.

Decreased Utility Expenses

When a kitchen appliance is experiencing some problems, it can use more energy as it needs to work harder to reach the desired results. For instance, a blender which isn’t blending enough items would need to run numerous times before the results are where you want. By maintaining and fixing problems early, your appliances won’t use as much energy and you can save on the utility bills that may have increased due to the problems.

The harder appliances have to work, the more energy and money they require. High energy costs are often tell-tale signs that one or more appliances in your home need maintenance or repair. Over time, wear-and-tear on your appliances is normal and can negatively impact efficiency. Common culprits are clogged filters, blocked ducts or tubes, and faulty sensors. By utilising seasonal tune-ups and routine appliance maintenance, you’ll ensure your machines are running as efficiently as possible and keep your energy bills down.


The most important reason for routine appliance maintenance is to prevent safety hazards. For instance, most appliances rely on gas or electricity for energy, both of which are culprits of starting fires. Routine appliance maintenance is the key to preventing damage or injury from appliance fires.

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During the Holidays there are many special sales to be had, ranging from all types of kitchen appliance and accessories, but shopping during these times of the year is often hectic, especially at department stores. Long lines at crowed shopping malls can be anything but fun, which is why many people try to avoid the Holiday rush by shopping online instead.

Same goes with appliance installation or maintenance. You wouldn’t want to be one of those who gets their installation services delayed due to high demand. Instead, the solution to dodge the holiday rush for the holiday rush in kitchen appliance installation is to book now. You can find the best brand names in kitchen appliances online, and then have them delivered and installed in your kitchen, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home and experiencing delays.

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At Master Tech Appliance Services, we specialise in the installation, maintenance, and repair work of all major brand cooktops, free-standing ovens, wall ovens, rangehoods, and dishwashers. We provide high quality repair work coverage on non-warranty jobs for top European brand name appliances such as Schweigen, IAG, Robinhood, Baumatic, St. George, Damani, Danika, Belling, Ascot, Venini, Euromaid, Euro Appliances, Allenzi, Fagor, Klasse, Arc Appliance, and Savior-Faire.

High Quality Repair Work Coverage for Non-Warranty Jobs

It is important to guarantee quality work on non-warranty services for kitchen appliances. If you are going to spend money for repair, you have to make sure that you get the most desirable outcome. For quality, efficient and accurate non-warranty work on the best kitchen appliances, you can trust Master Tech Appliance Services for both commercial and residential repair work. It is important to locate an authorised appliance service that can provide repair work for non-warranty jobs, especially for commercial kitchens because when kitchen appliances are not functioning properly it can equate to a loss of income.

Similarly, it can also be very inconvenient when a kitchen appliance ceases to function properly in a residential kitchen, as upcoming dinner plans for special guests can be put in jeopardy unless repairs are made quickly. At Master Tech Appliance Service, we pride ourselves in delivering high quality repair work coverage for non-warranty jobs that is quick and efficient. The best way to avoid kitchen appliances from breaking down at the most inopportune times is to have them maintained and serviced on a regular basis, by licensed appliance technicians from Master Tech Appliance Service.

Master Tech Kitchen Appliance Service

At Master Tech Appliance Services, we are proud to offer first class repair work coverage for both warranty and non-warranty jobs for all European brand kitchen appliances, including spare parts for all brands. If we do not have the spare parts you are looking for, we can easily order them.

All of our technicians are highly-trained, efficient, and precise, guaranteeing that all warranty and non-warranty maintenance and repair work is of the highest quality, which is why Master Tech is the most recommended kitchen appliance service in Melbourne. With over 25 years of experience servicing and repairing all kitchen appliance brands, when you need to get your kitchen appliance back up and functioning properly, you can depend on our repair work coverage for warranty and non-warranty services.

For those who invest in the best kitchen appliances, whether for commercial or residential kitchens, finding an authorised appliance centre that offers warranty service for their quality brand kitchen appliances is important. It is essential that you get your money’s worth not just through the quality of the equipment you purchased, but also through  finding a company that provides efficient and accurate warranty service.

Professional Warranty Service for Branded Kitchen Appliances Ensures Suitable Spare Parts

It is important to have a professional warranty service for branded kitchen appliances, because, when kitchen appliances do not function properly it can mean a loss of income for businesses, or a major inconvenience at home, especially if one is planning to entertain important guests. If you want a company that offers factory authorised appliance repair and warranty service, one that supplies quality spare parts for all top brands of appliances that they service, in a professional, efficient and accurate way, then it will please you to known that Master Tech Appliance Service is available to you.

Professional Warranty Service for Branded Kitchen Appliances Guarantees Accurate Work

Master Tech Appliance Service offers first-class warranty service for your kitchen appliances along with any spare parts that you may need. Our professional and friendly technicians are efficient and able to accomplish any maintenance or repair work in a short amount of time. And, they are highly trained, precise and accurate with all their repair and maintenance work that is why Master-Tech is authorised to provide warranty work for so many top appliance brands.

Here at Master Tech Appliance Service, we install and service all of the appliances we sell, such as free-standing ovens, rangehoods, cooktops and wall ovens, and we also provide warranty services for tops brand names like Baumatic, St. George, Euromaid, Arc Appliance, Euro Appliances, Savior-Faire, Damani, Danika, Allenzi, Fagor, Klasse, Belling, Ascot, Schweigen, IAG, Venini and Robinhood.

So, if you are seeking efficient and accurate warranty service for your kitchen appliances, and you see your brand’s name listed here, then you can book a service with one of our highly trained technicians. With over 25 years of experience working with all types of kitchen appliance brands, our company’s technicians and staff are very knowledgeable because they participate in continuing education, such as classes, seminars and certification courses when required.

Let Master-Tech service your quality kitchen appliances, whether it is warranty work, or non-warranty maintenance and repair service, we can help you get your kitchen appliances back up and running like new.

The kitchen is the only place where we can find cooking as a hobby, as a chore, or as a profession. To make everything work, we must choose the right cooktop for our kitchen, especially if you are planning to renovate it. Your choice when it comes to cooktop may come down to gas, electric, and induction. However, you must consider these three things before you purchase one.

Cooking Frequency and Energy Consumption

From the size of cooktops, this portion determines the number and type of burners that you will need in the long run. A gas cooktop can cook any type of food since it has a combination of low-output and high-heat burners. Alternatively, an electric cooktop comes with dual- or triple-tiered elements to offer choices with heating efficiency and power levels. When talking about the electric cooktop, the material used for its build affects the heat transfer capabilities. Metal-top electric stoves can transfer heat faster than electric stoves made in ceramic glass.

Induction cooktops can heat food the fastest compared to others. This property is possible due to the “Bridge Function” that allows you to somehow combine two cooking zones into one. Griddles and poaching pans, especially those that are made with cast iron, enamel cast iron, or stainless steel, can benefit the most with induction cooktops.

Perhaps, induction cooktops are the most energy-saving option when compared to gas and electric since they only transfer the heat energy straight to the pan. Electric cooking consumes the most energy since it converts a lot of electricity into heat. Gas also consumes energy but with risk due to the use of gas tanks.

Kitchen Space and Maintenance

The sizes of cooktops nowadays vary depending on your cooking needs. One common misconception about cooktops is that if you buy a larger one, it means that you can cook more food. The type of cooktops that you are getting can still affect your cooking in the kitchen.

An induction cooktop is best for people who want a small cooktop but cooks a lot since this type of cooktop can heat food more quickly than others. Induction or electric cooktop, on the other hand, is best for people who want to have a large size cooktop but don’t want to sacrifice a huge space in the kitchen. This option can be beneficial since it can serve as a counter when it is closed.

What makes the maintenance and cleaning different from other characteristics is that they depend on the surface of the cooktops. Cooktops with a flat and smooth surface are easier to clean than those with grates. A cooktop surface made of stainless steel and enamel can be maintained easily, making them the most popular material to be used for cooktops. Ceramic glass cooktops are resistant to extreme heat and scratchproof, but require intricate maintenance since they get easily stained and damaged with abrasive cleaning products and other food elements.

Kitchen Safety

If you want a safe cooking environment, then your choice must be between electric and induction cooktops. Electric cooktops indicate the amount of heat through the glow of the active burner. This glow stays on until the surface cools down. This special feature of electric cooktops helps you prevent accidental touches on the hot surface.

As for induction cooktops, they only transfer the heat to the pots used on the surface. This neat transfer only proves that induction cooktops might be the safest among others. Choosing the right cooktop can benefit you in the future since you don’t have to change it every time you feel like it. It is good to decide carefully to avoid spending more time and money in the future. If you want to know more about cooktops, contact us now at Master Tech Appliance Services.

Kitchen appliances are an integral part of any type of home, anywhere, and people invest in any number of appliances throughout their lifetime. In fact, from the first day they move into a new house until the day their offspring or relatives inherit the property, people buy kitchen appliances as needed. In the old days, kitchen appliances were often custom-made, although with the advent of technology came the ease that modern appliances now provide.

The appliances of today are specially designed to be convenient, and immediately useable upon purchase. These innovations have spawned an entire industry of disposable appliances that are so cheap that they can just be replaced if damaged cheaper than repairing them. However, these appliances tend to be of low or middling quality, and more often than not are not of an ideal for long-term use. Below are reasons why you need professional installation for your specialised kitchen appliances.

Professional Installation is a Requirement for Industrial-Grade Kitchen Appliances

Specialised appliances like industrial-grade stoves and electrical solutions such as blenders and food-processors, on the other hand, are made of high-quality materials but are more on the pricier end. These appliances, unlike conventional store-bought ones, sometimes require professional kitchen appliance installers.

Professional Installation is Necessary for Kitchen Appliances to Function Properly

While this may seem excessive at first glance, especially if one is used to standard kitchen appliances, professional appliance installers are often necessary to ensure that your appliances function properly, and does not in any way interfere with the organisation or workflow of your kitchen. In most cases, badly installed appliances tend to either be faulty or wholly non-functional or otherwise installed in un-ideal places that impede workflow or take up too much kitchen space; opting for the help of professional kitchen appliance installers guarantees that problems of nature are avoided.

Professional Installation Prevents Malfunction

One of the most problematic types of kitchen appliances is the electronic variety, not only for their somewhat complicated nature but also for their wiring. Improperly installed electronic appliances often tend to malfunction, thanks to the presence of visible wiring and other such parts, which can cause accidents. Having visible wiring out in the open can also pose a potential fire hazard and even lessen the longevity of your kitchen appliance.

Professional Installation Ensures Efficient and Safe Kitchen Appliances

If you’re looking to avoid such mishaps and keep your kitchen spotlessly clean-looking, efficient, and safe, you can never go wrong when you hire professional kitchen appliance installers from Master Tech Appliance Service. The company provides original spare parts on top-model brands and offers warranty and non-warranty services for installing and repairing kitchen appliances in your home.

Shopping for quality kitchen appliances can be more of a chore than fun, that’s because it typically requires you to run around town to physically look at ‘whatever’ kitchen appliance that a department store or kitchen depot may have available. More often than not, most home and kitchen appliances available in malls and stores are not high-quality appliances.

However, the unprecedented COVID-19 has restricted these activities that people generally do on a whim. With social distancing and lockdown protocols involved, it is deemed unnecessary and risky to purchase kitchen appliances in stores even if you badly need one.

If you want to find top brand kitchen appliances you need to either locate a special kitchen appliance wholesaler, contact a major appliance manufacturer, or, there are quality kitchen appliances that you can buy online. It’s true, you can buy top-quality home and kitchen appliances online, and then have them delivered and installed in your kitchen or home.

Master Tech Installs Quality Kitchen Appliances that You Buy Online

If you want to avoid long lines at crowded department stores or kitchen depots looking for top brand home appliances, you can when you buy online. Thanks to the convenience of the Internet, you can find the best brand names in kitchen appliances online. Once you’ve found what you are looking for, you can then have it delivered and installed, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

Here at Mater Tech Appliance Service, you can easily book an installation online, and get confirmation within 48 hours. We offer warranty service on all top brand names of kitchen appliances, such as free standing ovens, dishwashers, dryers, cooktops, washing machines, free standing ranges, and wall ovens.

Quality brand names in kitchen appliances include St George, Lofra, Chef, Savoir Faire, Ascot, and Westinghouse are just a few examples.

Easily Book Online Kitchen Appliance Installation from Master-Tech

If you have just purchased a new kitchen appliance online, and you now need it installed, not to worry, schedule a kitchen appliance installation service at Master Tech, it’s fast and easy. You can also schedule a warranty or non-warranty maintenance service for any home or kitchen appliance too. Today, there is no better way to save money on quality kitchen appliances than by shopping online, and then having it delivered and installed by professional technicians from a company with over 25 years of experience, Master Tech Appliance Services.

Ideally, every delivery and installation of appliances would go smooth and immaculate without fail. The appliance will fit perfectly, no gouged appliances, and cleanup is a breeze. Unfortunately, this doesn’t occur constantly. Quite possibly there may be an issue during an installation or delivery. A portion of the reasons included miscommunication between the customer and salesman, incorrect estimations, harmed appliances, and not having an unmistakable pathway for the delivery and installation workers. Here is how you could prepare for your new kitchen appliance delivery and installation.

Correspond with your Sales Associate

One issue that customers have with the installation and delivery of their appliances is brought about by miscommunication. At the offer, the sales rep and the customer need to examine explicit insights regarding the delivery that, whenever neglected, might add on to the possibility of failure in the delivery and installation work (for example second floor delivery, movement of refrigerators, venting migration).

For instance, if the customer is purchasing an appliance to be placed on the second floor of the house, this should be known early. It might add an additional hour to the activity so this will make the following booked conveyances be postponed. On the off chance that this circumstance is known early, it will cause the delivery to go easily.

Taking the Proper Measurements

Another difficulty that occurs during an installation is the appliance not fitting appropriately. A regular homeowner may not be familiar with the number, size and detail choices there are in appliances. If you are purchasing a stove, cooktop, or even a refrigerator, it will require a type of adjustment. On the off chance that the appliance will fit, it will still require some adjustment, so it is ideal to know early. Cooktops come in all distinction cut out sizes. In the event that the customer is replacing their 30″ cooktop with a new 30″ cooktop, it wouldn’t be as simple as it sounds. The installation group may need to change the countertop or need to make a filler piece for it to sit on. Knowing this will prepare the delivery and installation team so they have the materials they need and they comprehend what’s in store.

On the off chance that the customer is uncertain about the estimations, it’s ideal to have proficient representative come out and measure for them. Having an expert come out to double check the specs is the best idea. This will guarantee that the right individuals are sent to carry out the responsibility. This will help ensure that the appliance will fit and the customer will be happy with their installation. No customer wants to have the delivery and installation team  to return to their home just because they didn’t bring the right tools or have the right team for the work.

A Head’s Up About Damaged Appliances

A third issue that occurs during delivery is damaged appliances. Now and then the appliance that the customer requests may have been harmed on the way to you. The crate may look totally fine, however inside is a damaged appliance. Unfortunately, there are times where the installation and delivery group harms the appliance while introducing it at the customer’s home. The installation group knows to be incredibly cautious with the appliance, however here and there mishaps occur. No customer needs to see a damaged appliance.

Freestanding ovens are a great kitchen equipment that provides you with additional cooking options for whatever you wish to create. There are even dual fuel freestanding cookers that supply you with an array of different configuration options, including an electric oven with a gas cooktop, electric oven with an efficient induction cooktop or a full gas oven or cooktop configuration. Since they provide homeowners with such ease and convenience, it is a must to ensure proper unit care and maintenance for a lasting usage. Below are free standing oven maintenance tips to avoid damage and costly repairs.

Clean Free Standing Ovens Properly

Normally, the task of cleaning your free standing ovens is often least prioritised. More often than not, only when it is time to use the oven again and the oven door is opened that one is reminded to clean the oven again. If this is the case, meat-juices, oil, and baked-on stains can be very stubborn to come off, especially if they have not been cleaned for some time.

Remove Food Residue from Free Standing Ovens

The first thing that needs to be done in properly cleaning a standard free standing oven is to remove all shelves and runners, and then focus on removing any large pieces of food residue from inside the oven. While there are many ways people claim to clean ovens using household products, nothing is more effective than specially designed oven cleaners like Aktivo.

Apply Appropriate Free Standing Oven Cleaners

Applying Aktivo oven cleaner onto runners, shelves, and the interior walls of your oven is simple, and the instructions are easy to follow. Compared to all other means of cleaning your free standing oven that require you to work hard scrubbing off baked-on grease and oil stains, Aktivo oven cleaner makes the job as easy as possible, by just applying and then wiping your oven clean.

For Self-Cleaning Free Standing Ovens

Cleaning is much easier for self-cleaning ovens. The way these work is actually quite simple, the oven door will automatically lock during the self-cleaning process, and then the temperature will heat up to roughly 500°C. This high temperature is maintained, for a period of time determined by the manufacturer, until food residue is reduced into ash, which can then be easily wiped away once the temperature falls back to a safe level.

Care must be taken when placing ovens on self-cleaning mode, as the oven door can become extremely hot. It is advised to keep children out of the kitchen at this time to prevent them from touching the hot oven door. Self-cleaning free standing ovens do a fairly decent job at cleaning, without using any chemicals, however, there are still hard-to-reach areas that will need thorough cleaning the old fashioned way – by hand. It is important to remember that well-maintained free standing ovens can last for many years. For other care and maintenance tips for free standing ovens, simply visit the website of Master Tech Appliance Services. We will ensure to address your concerns in the best of our abilities.