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Kitchen appliances play a pivotal role in many properties. For one, a lot of them have been very useful in cooking and heating food products. Other types of kitchen appliances have likewise been utilised in ensuring the cleanliness and orderliness of the kitchen spaces.

And with the continuous use of kitchen appliances, some of them may require maintenance so they can still work and reach their intended service life. One part of maintenance that they may undergo is regular cleaning. Another part of maintenance that many appliances might need is by replacing some of their core components. While many repair centres offer tons of replacement parts for kitchen appliances, you must still be wary about the main source of these parts.

The Dangers of Using Third-Party Parts

One type of replacement part that you should worry about is third-party parts. These specific replacement parts are generated by companies that are not the main manufacturers of kitchen appliances. Even if these companies have all the exact specifications of the kitchen appliances, there are still some elements of the replacement parts that they might have missed or skipped altogether.

Third-party parts can be affordable and functional in some ways, but the issues associated with them may be brought into the kitchen appliances themselves and produce more problems along the way. Sometimes, the presence of these parts may only lead to significant downtime of the kitchen appliances. These parts may even damage the appliances entirely, which would only cost you a lot more compared to opting for more costly yet more reliable original spare parts.

There are some reasons why third-party parts typically do not perform well as opposed to their original counterpart. For one, they do not undergo similar rigorous testing and quality procedures that the original spare parts normally undertake. Third-party parts may not likewise have all the intended specifications of the kitchen appliances. They might not even perform similarly to the parts that they will replace.

Utilise Original Spare Parts All the Time

Original spare parts, which are often referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, are typically produced by the manufacturers of kitchen appliances themselves. Since they are made by the manufacturers themselves, they are expected to work similarly to the parts being replaced. These parts are preferred by many repair centres since they can typically preserve the service life of kitchen appliances and retain their performance. Despite being expensive than the third-party ones, the total expenses that the original spare parts can save in the long run are significantly high.

One great thing about original spare parts is that they can feature some updates or upgrades that are necessary for the kitchen appliances. Some of their design elements might have been updated to ensure that the kitchen appliances can work better. Another benefit of using original spare parts is that they are often accompanied by a warranty, allowing the manufacturers to cover the repairs for not only the replaced part but also the entire kitchen appliance. Safety, ultimately, is considered heavily in manufacturing and installing the original spare parts to the appliances.

To know more about these parts, you can call us at Master Tech Appliance Services.

Users of a kitchen like you can maximise all the kitchen appliances on your property if they are functioning very well. After all, they can make your cooking activities easy and convenient. Some of them can even help in maintaining the surrounding condition of the kitchen by eradicating smoke and other elements. Their benefits can easily make a kitchen both functional and valuable.

But for these appliances to be effective enough to provide tons of benefits, you must make sure that they are cleaned and maintained regularly. Cleaning them can prevent stains, dust, and other elements from infiltrating their components. It can also prolong their service life for a long time.

One brand of cleaning products that are known to be effective for your kitchen appliances is AKTIVO.

A Quick Overview of AKTIVO

AKTIVO is an Australian company that produces and supplies a wide array of cleaning products to different property owners. With their renowned and experienced chemists, they have generated formulas for cleaning solutions that would yield great results to users. Additionally, the cleaning solutions that they generate are not only effective but also eco-friendly and cost-effective.

This company offers the best cleaning products for kitchen appliances right now. AKTIVO even offers cleaning products that are perfect for dishwashing, laundry, coffee cleaning, and many more.

AKTIVO’s Cleaning Products

The following are some of the products that are being offered by AKTIVO for kitchen appliance cleaning.

Other AKTIVO cleaning products that can be useful for your kitchen appliances include Dishwashing + Washing Machine Descaler, Fridge Cleaner + Deodoriser, Glass + Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner, Glass + Window Cleaner, and Stainless Steel Polish. 

To purchase AKTIVO products, you can call us at Master Tech Appliance Services.

Cooking appliances such as cooktops, ovens, and rangehoods are vital to the operations of kitchens, especially when it comes to food preparation and area maintenance. But for them to last for a long time, they must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Failure to do these activities effectively can lead to their failure and getting damaged along the way.

One of the damages that cooking appliances can attain is corrosion. Most cooking appliances are made from metal materials. And since some metal surfaces can be sensitive to oxygen, moisture, electrical current, dirt, and bacteria exposure, they can eventually corrode and develop some rust. The problem with rust development is that it can weaken the surfaces of the cooking appliances. It can likewise affect the food quality, especially if the meals are prepared alongside rusty surfaces.

Fortunately, cooking appliances that have already developed some rust can still be saved and cleaned. Here are some tips that can remove rust from your cooking appliances.

Buy a Rust Remover

Retail establishments offer plenty of rust remover products today. But to make sure that the rust from your cooking appliances can be removed right away, you must purchase ones that contain oxalic acid. This specific acid can effectively alter the rust and convert it into a soluble form, which can be removed afterwards. Alternatively, you can look for rust remover products that contain citric and phosphoric acids. Take note, however, that these products can be dangerous to your bare skin, which is why you must wear some protective equipment to avoid obtaining injuries.

Utilise Baking Soda

One viable alternative to rust remover products that are being sold from retail establishments is homemade rust remover or cleaner. Homemade rust cleaners can be created by mixing baking soda and water. Once a paste is formed, you can then rub it onto the rusted parts of your appliances before scrubbing them with a cloth or plastic brush. 

Maximise Vinegar

Aside from generating a baking soda mixture, you can also maximise vinegar as your rust cleaner or remover product. You can use a brush, cloth, or plastic scouring pad to scrub the cooking appliances with vinegar. Alternatively, you can dip the parts of the cooking appliances on the vinegar or wrap them with a paper towel or rag that is soaked in vinegar. After soaking the parts overnight, you can finally rinse them the day after. Other rust removal options that you can use are salt, lime, and a paste of oxalic acid.

Scrap Off the Rust

Some cooking appliances have strong surfaces that cannot be easily damaged by abrasive tools. If you have these types of cooking appliances, then you may want to use steel wool, electric sander, or other rough metals to remove the rust. After scraping off the rust through this step, you must maintain the smooth finishing of the appliances’ surface through a fine sander. If your cooking appliances have protective coating or paint, you must apply a new layer of coating that can resist heat.

To know more about your cooking appliances, just give us a call at Master Tech Appliance Services.

One vital component of kitchens that can help eradicate toxins in the air is rangehood. It is often situated right above the cooktop, ensuring that its fans and other core components can remove toxins and odours that are circulating on a property. Property owners and other people inside the property can truly appreciate this specific function of the rangehood whenever someone is cooking meals.

Rangehoods, when cleaned and maintained regularly, can clear off the kitchen smoke, steam, fumes, and even steaming grease in just a short time. They can also assure that the temperature of the kitchen area will be maintained as they can quickly remove excess heat. The subtleness of their appearance likewise makes them a great addition to the kitchen, especially for property owners who want to achieve a minimal look. Ultimately, their presence in a kitchen can add substantial value to the property.

To fully utilise all the benefits of rangehoods, here are some cleaning and maintenance tips that you must consider and follow.

Clean the Air Filter

One part of the rangehood that can help maintain the air quality of the kitchen is the air filter. Given that it works all the time, the air filter is expected to obtain particulates, smoke, and other elements that are not necessary for the kitchen air. As time passes by, the air filter may be already clogged with these elements. Cleaning the air filter with appropriate cleaning solutions and products can help the rangehood perform optimally again. If you are utilising metal filters, you must clean them by soaking them in a degreasing solution and subsequently washing them with warm, soapy water. 

Clear off the Vent

Your rangehood is often connected to the vent so that any hot gases will be eradicated and sent out of the property. Since these gases are accompanied by many particles and elements, they can gradually build up and accumulate on the surfaces of the vent. Without regular cleaning, the vent can ultimately prevent the hot gases from escaping the property.

To clear off your vent, you must scrub all the grease that can be found on its surfaces with a degreaser and a cloth. Additionally, you must clean the motor that is connected to the vent to preserve its quality. You must, however, replace it if is not working anymore. You may also call for professional cleaners if you want them to thoroughly clean your vent as well as your whole rangehood.

Identify Problems

Once the components of your rangehood are cleaned, you must now conduct an assessment of its condition and performance. During the assessment of your rangehood, you must identify any issues or problems that call for immediate repair or replacement.

If your rangehood emits too much noise, then it might have some problems with the fan. If it does not clear off the smoke from your kitchen, then some of its components might already have some damages. Lights, buttons, and other parts that are not working likewise mean that their electrical components have some issues. Calling for repair services would be the best way to resolve these identified issues.

To have your rangehood serviced, just contact us at Mater Tech Appliance Services.

One part of the kitchen that can maintain its cleanliness is the rangehood. Rangehood is a device that has a mechanical fan that can remove airborne grease, fumes, smoke, heat, combustion products, and steam from the air. The fan can either evacuate the air or filter it thoroughly. This specific device is often installed above the stove or cooktop since they generate most of the previously stated elements.

A clean kitchen can be easily attained through the installation of rangehood. However, if the rangehood is not installed properly, then the kitchen air will be surely bombarded with harmful particles. The particles will likewise sit in the kitchen and even move to other areas of the property, causing different health issues like headaches, skin irritation, and nausea. Huge unnecessary expenses are also expected since the rangehood must be inspected, serviced, and installed again by professionals.

Most Common Rangehood Installation Mistakes

There are tons of rangehood installation mistakes that can be done by professionals. Some of these mistakes are the following.

Your Next Steps Once Mistakes are Discovered

Once installation mistakes are discovered, you may want to check if your rangehood is still working. There are times where your rangehood can still work even if the installation is not done properly. Letting the professionals check the rangehood can help them understand the main mistake that has been done.

As the reasons behind the installation mistakes are uncovered, the next possible step to conduct is to fix parts and components that cause some issues. From the duct to the rangehood itself, they must be serviced appropriately so that installation mistakes can be avoided. 

But all of these steps can only be done if you will be hiring a reputable appliance company. If you want to hire one, feel free to contact us at Master Tech Appliance Services.

Kitchen owners normally maximise cooktops in terms of cooking meals and heating other food products. After all, cooktops can produce enough heat that can be useful for warming up the base of pans, pots, and other cookware. Cooktops can be powered by different energy sources and can come in a wide variety of form factor, style, and other notable factors.

While cooktops may come in different qualities, they can still yield the same issues in terms of their overall performance. Without proper care for these appliances, the performance of the cooktops can deteriorate significantly. They might even not function properly, which would then negatively affect the quality of meals, the amount of energy consumed, and the total expenses for their operations.

To ensure that your cooktops’ performance will be maintained, here are some common mistakes that you should look out for and avoid immediately.

Overlooking Burner Clogs

The burners of your cooktops are known to be the source of heat, most specifically fire. And normally, these burners should light up once your cooktop is on. If these burners, however, do not light up, then they are most likely clogged. Ignoring these clogs for a long time will only make your burners corrode, which then compromises your cooktop’s service life. The entire cooktop might even stop working as the corrosion worsens over time, resulting in huge losses and expenses.

Letting the Dirt Pile Up

Another common mistake that you should avoid is to let the dirt pile up. Dirty particles like burn marks, streaks, stains, and others are notable for their abilities to destroy appliances. And since cooktops can still be vulnerable to these particles, then they should be cleaned and maintained all the time. Letting these particles pile up and accumulate on the surfaces of the cooktop will only make its appearance dirty. They will likewise infiltrate the inner layers of the cooktop, which can then damage it easily.

Using Sharp Materials

While removal of build-up on your cooktops can be great for their performance, the use of a razor blade in doing this act does not yield great results to your appliances. Any stuck-on debris can be removed by the right tools and cleaning solutions. With sharp materials, they will only introduce scratches to the cooktop surface. Cleaning your cooktops with a wire brush can also cause some issues, especially if it used in cleaning delicate parts and components of these appliances.

Ignoring Signs of Gas Leak

Cooktops that depend on gas are designed to manifest signs if ever there are gas leaks. One of these signs is the presence of unusual odour around the cooktops. This specific sign can be difficult to ignore. However, if you choose to ignore this specific sign, then your cooktop will not only deteriorate in performance but can also put you and others at risk of getting injured once the gas source explodes. Calling for professional help would be the best way to resolve gas leaks.

For more details about cooktops, feel free to call us at Master Tech. With over 30 years of experience, we can truly provide excellent knowledge and service for all brands of cooking appliances.

Many kitchen owners maximise different appliances to conduct proper cooking and heating of food. One of the appliances that they typically obtain is the oven. Ovens, in general, are appliances that can heat, roast, and bake food. These appliances are often used in cooking meat, casseroles, and baked goods.

One type of oven that can be utilised by kitchen owners is the free standing oven. This type of oven is comprised of a cooktop and an oven, which are all combined in just one single unit. A free standing oven can be placed and installed directly on the floor, as opposed to other types of ovens that can only be installed below a cooktop, integrated into a set of cabinets, and so on.

A free standing oven can only be beneficial if it can operate and last for a long time. If you currently own one, then here are some ways that you can do to prolong its service life and maintain its functions.

  1. Clean the Oven Regularly

One of the most effective ways to prolong the service life of your free standing oven is to clean it regularly. As your free standing oven is used to heat food, some food particles may be left on the oven, which could affect the quality of your other food products. But with regular cleaning, these particles can be removed, allowing your food to preserve its delicious smell and odour.

Another way to prolong the service life of your oven is to inspect its elements. Some debris may come into contact with the elements, which could only cause sparks that can be dangerous for your oven. A portion of your elements might also glow a little brighter than the others, generating issues that can affect your oven. Once these problems are encountered, you may want to replace them right away.

The sealing of the oven plays a vital role in its functionalities. It allows the oven to heat the food evenly without consuming more energy than it must truly generate. Hence, to ensure the longer service life of your free standing oven, you should check its door gaskets from time to time. If you have spotted some deterioration over your gaskets, then you must replace them immediately.

While you are maintaining or cleaning your free standing oven, it is important for you to keep the knobs intact. You must not remove them at all times since they are directly connected to the control system of your oven. Removing them without any professional help might cause operational issues in your oven. It might even put you and others at risk of electrocution.

If you have opted for an oven that is powered by gas, then you should inspect and maintain your gas line accordingly. Replacing the gas line for your new free standing oven is often considered to be the most viable process to do since it can prevent any possible leaks right from the very start. Additionally, any worn parts that are visible on your gas line must be replaced to avoid causing damages and issues. To know more about free standing ovens, feel free to call us at Master Tech.

When preparing or cooking a meal, there are certain elements that are introduced to the air. Some of these elements are odours, moisture, and grease. Without any additional devices, most of these elements would be stuck inside the kitchen. They could even reach other parts of a property until they contaminate the air and cause some more issues and problems.

To avoid contamination of the air, property owners should invest some of their money in buying a rangehood. Rangehood is a device that is typically located above the stove or cooktop. This specific device can remove airborne odour, moisture, grease, smoke, heat, steam, fumes, and other combustion products in the air, ensuring that the property will possess a much cleaner and healthier air. This device often has fans and filters to make the air cleaner, even if someone intends to cook for a long time.

If you intend to buy a rangehood for your kitchen, here are some factors that you should consider.

Available Space

One of the factors that you must consider when buying a rangehood is your kitchen space. Your rangehood must fit well with your available space above your stove or cooktop. So, in finding the best rangehood size for your kitchen, you may use the size of your stove or cooktop as your guide. One more significance of considering your kitchen space is that it can help determine the amount of power needed for your rangehood fans to work well against strong cooking odours and elements.

Kitchen Layout

Aside from the available space, another factor that you must consider is your kitchen layout. Generally, your rangehood must be 25-30 inches above your stove or cooktop. Its installation, however, will still depend on the available fixtures in your kitchen. Some rangehoods may already be mounted on a wall. Others, alternatively, can be integrated into an overhead canopy or even suspended from the ceiling. Depending on your preference, you must pick a rangehood type that can fit comfortably with your kitchen.

Exhaust System

One more factor to consider when buying a rangehood would be your preferred type of exhaust system. If you utilise a rangehood with a ducted exhaust system, then it is expected to use ducts in removing contaminated air out of your property. This type of rangehood can is often installed on an exterior wall. Alternatively, if you opt for a rangehood with a duct-free exhaust system, then it is expected to filter and clean the contaminated air before returning it to your kitchen as clean air.

Overall Costs

When buying a rangehood, one primary factor that you will surely consider is its overall costs. The cost of a rangehood may vary depending on its accompanying features. There are rangehoods that may possess sensors, automatic shut-off features, and built-in lighting, making them somehow more expensive compared to the simpler ones. This factor will now fall solely to your available budget.

If you want some help in choosing a rangehood, feel free to call us at Master Tech Appliance Services.

Two appliances that are deemed useful for kitchens are stoves and ovens. Both appliances are often utilised in heating and cooking food products, allowing them to be edible and delicious. What makes these appliances great for kitchens is that they make sure that the meals are well-cooked. 

But just like other appliances, they can also be prone to damages in the long run. After all, most kitchen spaces use them almost every day, exposing them to elements that can damage them along the way. Some of the problems and issues with kitchen stoves and ovens can still be fixed. Alternatively, some issues cannot be resolved completely, requiring them to be replaced as soon as possible.

Kitchen Stove and Oven Can Still be Fixed

Kitchen stoves and ovens often boast similar issues and problems that you mightencounter. Fortunately, some of them can still be fixed and resolved.

One of the most common issues with kitchen stoves and ovens is the presence of strange noises. Stoves and ovens operate without generating loud noise. However, if you notice some abnormal ticking, buzzing, or scratching on your appliances, then it is a sign that you need to fix them right away. Apart from strange noises, you must have your kitchen stove and oven fixed if they emit bizarre odours. The only odour that you should smell from these appliances is the food you are cooking. But if you started to smell odours that are not familiar to you, then your stove or oven might have some components that should be fixed.

Your stove and oven must provide you with food that is cooked according to your set temperatures. If your food, however, is often burnt or comes out cold or raw, then some components might have obtained some issues. For ovens, your thermostat might have some issues that must be resolved. For stoves, your coils or electrical components must be replaced before they affect the quality of your meals.

Replacement is the Only Solution Available

While there are issues that can still be fixed, there are also problems that cannot be resolved anymore. Your kitchen stove and oven must be replaced right away if they manifest some of the issues below.

One prominent issue that requires replacement is their failure to turn on. While there are stove and oven components that can be fixed just to make them operate and function, the costs associated with the repairs can be expensive. Buying a new stove or oven might be a better option for you once your kitchen appliances experience these specific issues.

Another problem that can only be resolved with the total replacement of appliances is the presence of a faulty control panel. The control panels found in stoves and ovens are integral to their overall functions, especially with adequate heating. So, once they do not work anymore, it would be difficult for your appliances to run the same again, even with thorough repairs. If you need assistance with your kitchen appliances, just contact us at Master Tech Appliance Services.

Kitchens are typically comprised of a lot of appliances that can help kitchen owners and others in performing core kitchen activities. From cooking food to cleaning the utensils, these activities must be carried out effectively so that the whole kitchen area will be deemed functional and effective. 

One of the kitchen appliances that every property owner should have is the oven. An oven usually has two heating elements that can generate hot air to efficiently cook food. The heating element at the top of the oven is normally used for broiling, while the one found at the bottom is intended for cooking and baking. Food products that are placed inside the oven typically have great taste and odour.

Undercooked or Burnt Food from Using an Oven

While ovens are expected to produce meals that are truly delicious and flavourful, they may sometimes cause food to be undercooked or burnt. The occurrence of undercooked or burnt food when using the oven may be caused by damaged components.

One component that you may want to check out with your oven’s poor heating performance is its thermostat. A thermostat is intended to regulate the temperatures of the oven correctly throughout its whole operations. If your food becomes undercooked or burned, then it might be a sign that your oven has an inaccurate or even a faulty thermostat. A faulty thermostat can provide inconsistent oven temperature, which would then affect the heating of your food products.

Another component that may cause undercooked or burnt food from using an oven is its door. Ovens must be closed properly so that the hot air inside them can cook the food appropriately. Oven doors that have damaged seals might need to be replaced right away to avoid undercooking or burning the food.

And as previously stated, burning elements can help in generating hot air for cooking purposes. However, if the burning elements become faulty, then the desired hot air may not be obtained. Faulty burning elements, ultimately, would cause some food to be undercooked.

High-Quality Repair Services from Master Tech

Fortunately, we at Master Tech can help fix your oven to avoid undercooking or burning your food. Opting for professional help in terms of oven repairs would be great for you since we have all the necessary tools and technicians to conduct the needed repairs and maintenance. Our knowledge about different oven products is also expansive, which allows us to conduct appropriate repairs without causing more damages. Acquiring our services can likewise benefit you since our repairs come with warranties. Ultimately, entrusting the repairs to us can help you save a huge amount of time and money.

We, at Master Tech, are warranty service agents for Schweigen, Ascot, Euro, Euromaid, Glen Dimplex, Belling, Robinhood, Home Appliances, Baumatic, New World, Bellissimo Venini, and other popular brands. With over 30 years of experience, we can certainly provide excellent knowledge and service for all brands of cooking appliances. We also stock parts for many other cooking appliance brands.