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Ovens are a vital part of every kitchen space, especially if you are the type who loves to bake and roast. Wall ovens are very space-saving and versatile compared to their other counterparts. It provides so many benefits for your kitchen, with convenience as the most important. That is why more and more homeowners are switching to wall ovens. If you are currently planning to buy equipment for your new kitchen and you are having a hard time deciding if you want a wall oven or not, then let us dig into these 5 salient features of wall ovens to help you decide if a wall oven is a perfect option for your newly remodelled kitchen.

Electric Display

Wall ovens have an electric display that lets you see the baking timer visibly and the settings to allow easy operation. This is one of the salient features of wall ovens that makes some homeowners switch from theirstandard ovens. With wall ovens, you can easily see and tap the settings to conveniently operate them when doing your baking and roasting.

Right Height

Ifbending over your low range has become so tiring and a hassle for you, then opting for a wall oven is the best option for you. Wall ovens, as their name suggests, are built to fit your wall with a height just around your waist to ensure easy and convenient baking. Putting your dish into the oven and checking on its progress with an oven that requires you to constantly hunch over is very uncomfortable and inconvenient for you. Thus, switching to a wall oven is the answer to this dilemma since it allows you to check your food at eye level.

Sleek Look

The glass-look display of a wall oven offers a sleek look to its overall appearance. Wall oven makes your baking and roasting experience more streamlined. Design-wise, the glass lock display of a wall oven can add to the aesthetic value and appeal of your kitchen. Overall, wall ovens showcase a modern and sleek design.


Wall ovens have fan-forced cooling features for safety. This built-in cooling fan automatically turns on when it detects a high temperature, to maintain the coolness of the exterior door. They have a great cooling exterior door, a salient feature that baking enthusiasts love. Thanks to technological advancements, it helps lessen your worry of accidentally burning your fingers when opening the oven doors to get your food.

With Convection Technology

This is a common feature on every wall oven. Wall ovens use a fan to help circulate the air in their interior portion. With convection technology, it allows you to save money on electricity bills since the heat is spread evenly in its racks. The wall oven heats evenly to ensure that everything you roast and bake will come out flawless and evenly cooked since it uses more advanced convection technology to make even baking and roasting achievable. So, before you rush into buying a new oven for your kitchen, make sure that the oven that you choose has this advanced feature.

If you are looking for a wall oven supplier, you can visit us and see for yourself our different brands of cooking appliances at Master Tech Appliance Services. We also stock parts for many other cooking appliance brands, so consider us as your one-stop shop for kitchen appliances and services. We are the sole Spare Parts supplier for Savoir Faire Appliances. We also stock parts for many other cooking appliance brands.

When it comes to choosing the best cooking equipment, many commercial kitchens and restaurants choose OEM spare parts over third party spare parts. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer which means you can get the same precise components as the original. In selecting cooking equipment, you cannot compromise on the quality of the food that you cook. So, acquiring OEM spare parts for your cooking equipment is the best option for you. To know more about the benefits of acquiring OEM spare parts, read more about it in this blog.

Comes With a Manufacturer’s Warranty

OEM spare parts for cooking equipment usually have a warranty cover. Having a product warranty from the manufacturing warranty assures you that repairs are performed for free should the cooking equipment with OEM spare parts fail. This is one of the most important benefits of acquiring OEM spare parts for your cooking equipment that you should take advantage of.

Assures Quality

When replacing the spare parts of your cooking equipment, we recommend using OEM spare parts so, you can assure that the quality is guaranteed. In choosing spare parts, especially for your cooking equipment, you have to find the best material that is at least tested to match the original specification and will give you peace of mind.

A Guaranteed Return on investment

One of the benefits of acquiring OEM spare parts for your cooking equipment is that you can expect that they are a guaranteed return on investment. OEM spare parts from a legitimate manufacturer ensure that you only get to purchase the OEM parts and not third party parts.OEM spare parts enable you to save money in the sense that by acquiring them you can guarantee an increase in the longevity of your kitchen equipment and prevent the occurrence of having to undergo frequent repairs which helps you save money and time.

More Durable Than Their Counterparts

By acquiring OEM spare parts for your cooking equipment, you can assure that they are more durable than their other counterparts. Some suppliers and manufacturers let their OEM spare parts undergo long-term reliability to determine the estimated period of changeout. OEM spare parts are created to withstand uncertain conditions and deliver optimal performance for your cooking equipment.

If you are looking for a supplier that can supply OEM spare parts, more specifically Malapascua you can visit us and see for yourself our different brands of cooking appliances at Master Tech Appliance Services. We also stock parts for many other cooking appliance brands, so consider us as your one-stop-shop for kitchen appliances and services. We are the sole Spare Parts supplier for Savoir Faire Appliances. We also stock parts for many other cooking appliance brands.

It is common knowledge that third party parts are not designed with the same quality and longevity as the original parts. They may cost a lot lesser than the original part but there are some risks ofusing them since you will have to deal with the fact that longevity for this type of spare part is not guaranteed. Unlike genuine spare parts, they did not undergo quality testing and procedures. And you cannot make this compromise for your kitchen equipment. When your kitchen oven is acting up and needs repair, using genuine spare parts is highly recommended. If you want to know more about why using genuine spare for kitchen oven is important during repair, read on.

To Ensure Warranty

Using genuine spare parts for your kitchen oven is important during repair to ensure a warranty.Having a warranty assures you that it will cover the spare parts and the potential failure of the spare parts to work properly when installed in your kitchen oven. Some technicians offer a warranty that covers any damage caused to the equipment as well as the spare part.

Assures Safety and Compliance

When dealing with genuine spare parts for your kitchen oven, you can assure that safety is guaranteed. Unlike using third party spare parts, it can potentially compromise your kitchen oven and can expose your entire household to fire and other food safety risks like unsafe temperatures which can potentially lead to huge health and safety risks.

Saves You Money and Time

Choosing genuine spare parts for your kitchen oven is very important during a repair. One of the mains of using genuine spare parts during repair is they save you money and time. A legitimate spare part from a legitimate supplier plays a key role in ensuring that you only get to purchase the genuine ones and not the counterfeited or third party parts. Genuine spare parts enable you to save money in the sense that by using genuine spare parts, you can guarantee that they are cost-saving. And as to time, you can ensure that you will not have to go through the process of repeatedly going back to the technician because your kitchen oven failed again.

When your kitchen oven needs immediate repair and you are looking for a supplier that can supply legitimate spare parts, you can visit us and see for yourself our different brands of cooking appliances at Master Tech Appliance Services. We also stock parts for many other cooking appliance brands, so consider us as your one-stop-shop for kitchen appliances and services. We are the sole Spare Parts supplier for Savoir Faire Appliances. We also stock parts for many other cooking appliance brands.

Designing an overall kitchen space includes choosing the right appliances and not just selecting the style and the interior layout. Choosing the appropriate appliances for your kitchen area also requires deliberate planning and consideration of a lot of factors. There are a lot of things that you need to think about before purchasing any kitchen item to ensure that your new kitchen space comes out stylish and functional. To choose the best appliances, here are the four smart tips when choosing kitchen appliances for your cooking area.

Determine Functionality of Each Kitchen Equipment that You Choose

When it comes to choosing kitchen appliances for your kitchen area, you must first determine the functionality of every kitchen item and the purpose that they will serve to your cooking area to avoid wasting money if the items that you purchase will turn out unnecessary. You must choose the kitchen appliances that can provide and offer convenience for you and each member of your household when you use the cooking area.

Consider Your Budget

After evaluating the kitchen appliances that you need to add to your cooking area, assessing your budget is the next step. With the wide range of kitchen items in house improvement stores nowadays, finding the best kitchen appliances while remaining within the budget is more possible these days. Your designated budget will be your guide when you shop for your kitchen appliances and other kitchen items.

Find the Kitchen Appliances That are Easiest to Maintain and Repair

When purchasing kitchen appliances for your cooking area, always make sure to find the kitchen items and equipment that are very easy to maintain and repair. This is highly recommended if you have a busy family, carefully select the ones that do not demand deep cleaning and constant repairs. So, be realistic with your budget.

Choose a Kitchen Appliances that Fits Your Kitchen Space

The size of your kitchen space also matters when choosing kitchen appliances for your cooking area. You must choose the ones that your kitchen space can accommodate by examining the traffic patterns of your kitchen space as well as the space constraints. These are important determining factors in choosing the right size and style when you shop for your kitchen appliances.

We hope that these smart tips in choosing kitchen appliances for your cooking area helped you in some way. When you start shopping for your kitchen appliances, you can visit us and see for yourself our different brands of cooking appliances at Master Tech Appliance Services. We also stock parts for many other cooking appliance brands, so consider us as your one-stop-shop for kitchen appliances and services.

New cooking technologies are now taking a lot of countries by storm. One of these new popular cooking technologies is induction cooktops. It has been gaining popularity over the years because compared with gas or electric cooktops, induction cooktops can cook more quickly. If you are thinking of experiencing the significant performance of an induction cooktop, here are the pros and cons of induction cooktops before you make a big switch from your gas or electric stove to an induction cooktop.



Induction cooktops are safer than gas burners since they do not emit flame and hence, no kitchen fire.Induction cooktops are made saferthan the standard cooktop by adding a feature that when you remove the cookware, the induction cooktop will automatically turn off, hence avoiding the possible risk of a kitchen fire. With no open flame, it prevents the risk of burns and fire-related injuries.

Quicker To Cook

Switching to an induction cooktop is the best option for you if you want a cooktop than can easily cook. Induction cooktops heat faster since the pan will heat up directly and quickly immediately after putting it in the induction cooktop. If you are a busy person, we highly recommend an induction cooktop.

Easy to Clean

Unlike the standard cooktops, induction cooktops are easier to clean and maintain. Since only the portion of the induction cooktop is in contact with the cookware that heats up, the other portion will remain cool.


A Bit Pricey

Induction cooktops are a bit more pricey than the standard cooktops and their electric counterparts since they have an added feature, and they are also new. But if you consider the long-term impact of induction cooktop on your pocket, it is an investment.

Not Compatible with All Cookware

Induction cooktops require specific cookware, which means they are not compatible with just any cookware. You may have to ditch all your old cookware sets and make sure to use only cookware marked with “induction safe”.

There Is a Possibility that They Can Scratch or Break

Induction cooktops are made of smooth glass so there is a possibility that they can be scratched or broken when you’re not careful. That is why using sharp tools and hard cleaning materials must be avoided because induction cooktops are more prone to scratch. In contrast with their electric or gas countertops, induction cooktops must be used and handled properly since they have a glass-ceramic surface that may crack if used roughly.

Still, the pros also outweigh the cons. So, make the big switch when you’re ready and include an induction cooktop in your kitchen. At Master Tech Appliance Services, we provide excellent knowledge and service for all brands of cooking appliances with various types of cooktops for you to choose from.

We all know that installing a range hood for your kitchen to improve the air quality that circulates in your kitchen area. They are purposely created and designed to remove the dirt, odour and greaseby sucking up and filtering the polluted air that comes out from your stovetop. There may be times that you notice that your rangehood becomes too greasy and drips oil constantly and this may be caused by so many culprits. To give you an idea of these culprits, here are the top three reasons why your rangehood becomes too greasy and drips oil.

Filter Needs Cleaning

Every rangehood has a built-in filter that is made to filter the grease and dirt from cooking the food and once the filter becomes full, the grease will be collected and drips down the stovetop which makes it too greasy and drips the oil. It is highly advised that your rangehood filter should be thoroughly cleaned regularly to avoid this problem from constantly happening to your rangehood.

Lacks Maintenance

The reason why your rangehood becomes too greasy and drips oil could be because it lacks maintenance. It is very important to have your range hood to be regularly checked and inspected to see if some parts need fixing. Range hoods need to be maintained and cleaned regularly to prevent and avoid future problems and mitigate grease from getting trapped in the filter which causes the dripping.

Presence of Grease Cup or Trap

Grease deposits in the grease cup or trap can also be the possible reason why your rangehood becomes too greasy and is dripping oil. Some models have it, but some do not have a grease cup or trap included in their rangehood. If you have a grease cup or trap installed in your range hood, empty the grease cup or trap and clean it before reattaching it to your rangehood. The presence of a grease cup or trap can also be the possible reason why your rangehood becomes too greasy and drips oil.

Needs Replacement

Another reason why your rangehood becomes too greasy and drips oil is that it might need a full replacement of the unit. Your rangehood might not be functioning well because it had to be replaced with a newer unit and minor fixing of some parts cannot remedy the grease and oil dripping problem.The problem might also be caused by the old parts because of an old range hood unit.However, If these reasons are too much for you to work on and solve, this kind of problem in the household should not worry you anymore because there are already companies and professionals who can assist you with this kind of problem. All you need to do is book a service and they will reach you right away to do the job for you.

For all your kitchen appliance installation, repair and servicing needs, Master-tech can do all the work for you. We have a guaranteed high standard of service and our expert installers and repair technicians are the best!

Induction cooktops are becoming a popular choice for many Australian homeowners. When it is time for a new range or cooktop, the number of choices out there can make the process intimidating. Now, induction cooktops can be an excellent choice. If you are thinking about changing the way you cook, you need to know the pros and cons of induction cooktops.

Pros of Induction Cooktops

An induction cooktop is a flat surface equipped with heating coils. The heating coils are powered by electromagnetic energy and are only activated when iron cookware is placed on top of it. When the iron makes contact, the pan heats up quickly. Unlike a conventional cooktop, it does not transfer heat from the burners to the cookware. As a result, the pot or pan heats up, but the cooktop itself remains cool to the touch.

Another factor that makes induction cooktops popular is that they heat faster than electric or gas ones. Many induction cooktops can heat up to six quarts of water in as little as 15 minutes. Because induction cooktops heat up so quickly, it allows you to have more precise temperature control. This allows for more controlled cooking. The heat stops immediately when you turn the burner off, which can help prevent foods from boiling over or becoming overcooked.

Induction cooktops are also more energy-efficient than gas or electric. There is no heat loss in the transfer process. With electric and gas ranges, a lot of the heat goes into the surrounding air instead of into the pots and pans. With induction cooking, only the pot or pan heats, which translates into additional energy savings.

Cons of Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops are an excellent choice for many reasons, but there are some downsides. One of them is that they are often more expensive than traditional electric or gas ranges, but the benefits can make it worth it. Another drawback is that you must invest in specific types of cookware that work with induction systems.

Even if you have older stainless steel, it might not be compatible with your induction cooktop. You will need to replace all of your cookware to be used on the stove with ones that are marked as induction-safe. Induction cooktops have a learning curve, and it will probably take some time to get used to their speed and heating properties.

If you have decided that an induction cooktop is right for your home in Melbourne and the surrounding areas, then it is time to call Master Tech Appliance Services. We can help you install or repair your induction cooktop or any other appliance. We have over 30 years of experience and can service many major name brands like Emilia, Glem, IAG, Meile, Belling, and many others. We carry many parts in stock and can get the repair completed quickly and professionally. Contact us for your induction cooktop and other appliance needs.

An oven’s thermostatic valve, otherwise known as a thermostat, opens and closes in response to the temperature that it senses. It maintains the temperature inside the oven by switching the heat source on and off as needed. Gas stoves typically have thermostatic valves, and electric ovens have an electromechanical thermostat. How do you know if it is time for your thermostatic valve or thermostat to be replaced in your oven?

Signs of a Bad Thermostat

One of the first signs of a bad thermostat or thermostatic valve is that the oven fails to get up to proper temperature. This can be due to a faulty sensor and can either cause the oven to run too hot or too cold. If you have been baking the same recipe for years, and suddenly it burns or is not completely cooked in the time it usually takes, it might be time to check your oven temperature and see if the thermostat or thermostatic valve is the problem.

One way to do this is to buy a standalone oven temperature monitor and see if it matches the setting. If your oven does not get up to temperature at all, it may be that your heating element is starting to go bad. This can also happen to your cooktops. If the temperature is off more than 5 degrees, it is probably time to have an appliance professional come and take a look.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Oven or Stove?

The average lifespan of a stove or oven is around 10 to 15 years on average. If you are starting to have problems with temperature regulation either on your oven or burners, then you might be wondering if it would be cheaper to repair the part. The answer to this question depends on many factors. The first is the age of the appliance and if there are any other issues.

The best way to understand if you can simply repair your oven or stove, or if it is time to replace it, is to ask one of the professionals at Master Tech Appliance Services to come out and take a look. They will let you know what the problem is and their recommendations on whether repair or replacement is your best option. If your old stove has seen better days, you might want to consider replacing it with an upgraded one that is more energy-efficient and that has more features and amenities.

Master Tech Appliance Services has been serving the Dandenong South, Victoria and surrounding areas for many years. We have experience with many clients brands, and we can do expert installation and repair. Contact us if your stove or oven is not getting up to temperature, or if you simply think it might be time for an upgrade.

Belling appliances are known for quality, and they are built to last. They make a wide range of appliances that include ranges, freestanding ranges, range hoods, commercial ranges, and accessories. Belling is a British brand with over 100 years of experience making fine kitchen products. They are popular in homes, commercial kitchens, and restaurants. If your Belling appliance breaks, it is important to call a qualified service technician who specialises in the brand.

Why Belling Appliances

Belling Appliances typically come with a three to five-year warranty. This includes parts and labour. This is one of the reasons why Australians love them so much. When you buy a Belling, you know the company stands behind it and you can enjoy years of hassle-free operation.

For the warranty to be in place, you must make sure to register your appliance when you first purchase it. If your appliance does break or need repair, it must be performed by a certified technician. Otherwise, the warranty will be void, and you will have to pay for the entire cost of the repairs yourself. Also, you must only use factory-approved Belling parts for the repair. For this reason, it is important to not allow someone to work on it who is not factory-trained to do so.

Belling Installation Specialists

When having your Belling cooktop, freestanding range, rangehood, or wall oven installed, it is important to have it done by someone qualified to do it correctly. The installation must meet Australian state and local building codes. An improper installation can mean that the warranty on your appliance is void, but the improper installation of home appliances can also affect the warranty on your home or homeowner’s insurance.

A factory-trained technician knows how to make sure the electrical systems are hooked up properly, the structure of the home is not affected, and all other safety requirements are met. This is to assure that you and your family are safe and that the warranty would be honoured if anything should need to be repaired before it expires.

Call Master Tech Appliances for Belling Repair in Dandenong South

Now, you can see why it is important to obtain parts only from a qualified Belling appliance repair shop. Belling is a quality brand, and you can expect them to operate flawlessly for many years. When something does break, Master Tech Appliances is the team to call.

Our technicians are qualified to install, maintain, and repair Belling appliances in your home or commercial facility. We also install and service other major brands that include Euromaid, Robinhood, Emilia, Glem, Esatto, Allensi, Chef, Westinghouse, Schweigen, and appliances from many other manufacturers. We serve the Dandenong South and surrounding areas in Victoria. If you need Belling appliance repair, contact us, and our team will be out as soon as possible so that your appliance will be working again quickly.

Many kitchen owners maximise different appliances to conduct proper cooking and heating of food. One of the appliances that they typically obtain is the oven. Ovens, in general, are appliances that can heat, roast, and bake food. These appliances are used in cooking meat, casseroles, and baked goods.

One type of oven used by kitchen owners is the freestanding oven. This type of oven is a cooktop and an oven, combined in one unit. A free-standing oven can be placed and installed directly on the floor, as opposed to other types of ovens that can only be installed below a cooktop, integrated into a set of cabinets, and so on.

A freestanding oven can only be beneficial if it can operate and last for a long time. If you currently own one, then here are some ways that you can do to prolong its service life and maintain its functions.

Clean the Oven Regularly

One of the most effective ways to prolong the service life of your freestanding oven is to clean it regularly. As your freestanding oven is used to heat food, some food particles may be left on the oven, which could affect the quality of your other food products. But with regular cleaning, these particles can be removed, allowing your food to preserve its delicious smell and odour.

Inspect the Elements

Another way to prolong the service life of your oven is to inspect its elements. Some debris may be exposed to extreme elements, which could only cause sparks that can be dangerous for your oven. A portion of your elements might also glow a little brighter than the others, generating issues that can affect your oven. Once these problems are encountered, you may want to replace them right away.

Check the Door Gaskets

The sealing of the oven plays a vital role in its functionalities. It allows the oven to heat the food evenly without consuming more energy than it must generate. Hence, to ensure the longer service life of your freestanding oven, you should check its door gaskets from time to time. If you have spotted some deterioration over your gaskets, you must replace them immediately.

Keep the Knobs Intact

While you are maintaining or cleaning your freestanding oven, you need to keep the knobs intact. You must not remove them at all times since they are directly connected to the control system of your oven. Removing them without any professional help might cause operational issues in your oven. It might even put you and others at risk of electrocution.

Evaluate the Gas Line

If you have opted for an oven powered by gas, you should inspect and maintain your gas line accordingly. Replacing the gas line for your new freestanding oven is often considered to be the most viable process to do since it can prevent any possible leaks right from the very start. Additionally, any worn parts visible on your gas line must be replaced to avoid causing damages and issues. To know more about freestanding ovens, feel free to call us at Master Tech.