5 Best Reasons Why Oven and Range Brands Matter

09 December 2016

Do you have plans to head down to your local department store to buy an oven and range? Surprisingly, most people that buy ovens and ranges have no idea what type they will buy, until they get there – the department store or shopping mall. It’s true, not all ovens and ranges are the same, Basically, if you are serious about cooking, and you want a top quality oven and range that will last many years, with little or no maintenance required, then just ‘any’ oven and range won’t do, brand names matter.

Generic ovens and ranges abound these days because these are cheaply made and aren’t designed to last more than a few short years. So, people buy them based only on one main aspect, the cheap price. With that being said, quality brand ovens and ranges are just the opposite. These are design to last many years and are made from quality materials that are meant to meet the requirements of professional chefs and commercial kitchens.

For those who are not yet ‘sold’ on the idea of paying more for an oven and range, here are 5 best reason why oven and range brands matter.

5 Reasons to Buy a Top Brand Oven and Range

1. Reliability – this definitely an important aspect of any oven or range, and brand name kitchen ovens and ranges, such as St George, Ascot, and Westinghouse, are well-known and proven appliance brands that people can rely on because these are well-made from quality materials, while cheap appliance are not.

2. Less maintenance and repairs – quality brand named kitchen appliances are ruggedly tested, and parts are well made and readily available. Most cheap brand ovens and ranges are made from lower quality materials and parts are not easily found, and not worth the cost to repair them. It’s sad, but true, you get what you pay for – cheap kitchen appliances.

3. Warranty – top quality brands are worth the extra money because they are well-made, reliable, need less maintenance, and come with their own warranty. Inexpensive ovens and ranges are usually only covered by a basic return police up to 60 days.

4. Useful accessories – top brand ovens and ranges typically have an assortment of accessories you can add to make them more functional, things like wok stands, grille plates, and varying sizes of burners to accommodate all types of pots and pans.

5. Available appliance services – when abundant and cheap ovens and ranges need servicing and parts, the repair costs can be as much as the total value of the appliance. This is because parts are either hard to find, not available, or there are few appliance service centres that will agree to work on these. While top brand name ovens and ranges have readily available replacement parts, come with impressive warranty coverage, and there are home appliance services available to maintenance these.

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