5 Ways to Prolong the Service Life of Your Free Standing Oven

29 April 2021

Many kitchen owners maximise different appliances to conduct proper cooking and heating of food. One of the appliances that they typically obtain is the oven. Ovens, in general, are appliances that can heat, roast, and bake food. These appliances are often used in cooking meat, casseroles, and baked goods.

One type of oven that can be utilised by kitchen owners is the free standing oven. This type of oven is comprised of a cooktop and an oven, which are all combined in just one single unit. A free standing oven can be placed and installed directly on the floor, as opposed to other types of ovens that can only be installed below a cooktop, integrated into a set of cabinets, and so on.

A free standing oven can only be beneficial if it can operate and last for a long time. If you currently own one, then here are some ways that you can do to prolong its service life and maintain its functions.

  1. Clean the Oven Regularly

One of the most effective ways to prolong the service life of your free standing oven is to clean it regularly. As your free standing oven is used to heat food, some food particles may be left on the oven, which could affect the quality of your other food products. But with regular cleaning, these particles can be removed, allowing your food to preserve its delicious smell and odour.

  • Inspect the Elements

Another way to prolong the service life of your oven is to inspect its elements. Some debris may come into contact with the elements, which could only cause sparks that can be dangerous for your oven. A portion of your elements might also glow a little brighter than the others, generating issues that can affect your oven. Once these problems are encountered, you may want to replace them right away.

  • Check the Door Gaskets

The sealing of the oven plays a vital role in its functionalities. It allows the oven to heat the food evenly without consuming more energy than it must truly generate. Hence, to ensure the longer service life of your free standing oven, you should check its door gaskets from time to time. If you have spotted some deterioration over your gaskets, then you must replace them immediately.

  • Keep the Knobs Intact

While you are maintaining or cleaning your free standing oven, it is important for you to keep the knobs intact. You must not remove them at all times since they are directly connected to the control system of your oven. Removing them without any professional help might cause operational issues in your oven. It might even put you and others at risk of electrocution.

  • Evaluate the Gas Line

If you have opted for an oven that is powered by gas, then you should inspect and maintain your gas line accordingly. Replacing the gas line for your new free standing oven is often considered to be the most viable process to do since it can prevent any possible leaks right from the very start. Additionally, any worn parts that are visible on your gas line must be replaced to avoid causing damages and issues. To know more about free standing ovens, feel free to call us at Master Tech.

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