6 Common Habits That Could be Hurting Your Electric Ovens

12 April 2023

Almost all electric ovens are built to last and handle the highest temperatures a home can produce. Even though this might be the case, your oven still has a chance of malfunctioning or, even worse, breaking. Surprisingly to many, the majority of oven malfunctions or breakdowns are caused by improper baking or cooking practices rather than poor oven quality. Some of the common habits listed below could be harming your electric oven.

Using Abrasive Cleaners to Clean the Oven

Although all you want is for your electric oven to be spotless, using abrasive cleaners on or in your oven is not a smart idea. Although they could seem effective, they only damage the enamel and other delicate components. To avoid damaging your oven, choose your cleaners carefully and stay away from any that include abrasives.

Placing Foil at The Base of the Oven

To catch drippings and prevent a mess, most people will wrap foil over the base of the oven. This may seem like a good idea, but the foil restricts airflow from the bottom of the oven, which can lead to overheating or complete failure of the heating element. Using a tray or dish rather than foil to catch the drippings might be preferable.


Even though your oven may have plenty of room, you shouldn’t fill it to the door. Overcrowding the electric oven only results in poor air circulation, which means your food will likely not cook fully or, perhaps worse, burn. In addition, cooking the meal will be difficult if your oven is overloaded, and it may even pose a fire risk. Although two turkeys may fit comfortably in your oven, you must leave enough room between them to ensure even cooking and proper hot air circulation. Remember, each type of oven has its own loading capacity.

Using the Oven as a Source of Heat

Even though it might be tempting, you shouldn’t heat your home or kitchen with your fancy electric oven. The oven is specifically made to cook food and keep the oven cavity at a specified temperature. Although heating your home with an oven can seem like a sensible option, doing so will only reduce its lifespan.

Putting Off Cleaning the Oven

The heat sources in the oven may not adequately warm the oven if there is a dirt build-up. In addition to making your oven work harder than it should, this could result in undercooked food. You can avoid the difficulty of clearing heating elements by routinely cleaning the burned-on food from the oven’s base, racks, and walls (at least twice a month).

Frequently Using the Delayed Start and Bake Options

Even though the delayed start and bake options make life easier for busy homeowners and allow them to use the oven at considerably lower late-night energy rates, mechanically speaking, your electric oven needs to work harder to attain the needed temperature. Continuous use of these features can shorten the life of the oven. A pre-programmed oven entails additional safety risks. Although a new appliance is unlikely to develop a problem in the first year of use, operating any high-wattage equipment unsupervised always comes with a fire warning.

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