Advantages of Pre-Installed Kitchen Appliances for Houses That Are “For Sale”

29 March 2017

Homeowners often wonder how much to do to prepare their homes “for sale” in order to receive the ideal price for them. While the houses may need updating, the homeowners should be careful on the amount of money that they put in to upgrading. Not all refurbishments will provide sufficient returns on their investments and they can address them in other ways. One room that does pay to update, though, is the kitchen, especially with new, pre-installed kitchen appliances, as you will learn in the following facts.

Updating Your Appliances Increases the Value of the House

When you upgrade your kitchen appliances with current models, you will increase the value of your home. With energy efficiency being so important today, prospective home buyers may turn away from a house when it has an outdated kitchen since they know that they will need to pay for upgrades after they move into it. On top of this, they will pay a higher price for a house when it requires little or no work on the kitchen.

Minor Kitchen Remodels Provide a High Return on Your Investment

You do not need to do a major overall of a kitchen to increase the value of your home, though, minor remodels such as replacing your appliances will reap a high return on your investment. Statistics show that you will recoup about 82-percent of the cost in the sale with this type of remodel. However, major overhauls may bring only a 63-percent return on your investment.

Your House Will Sell Faster With Pre-Installed New Kitchen Appliances

Another advantage to including pre-installed appliances in your house that is “for sale” is the fact that the house will stay on the market a shorter length of time. As a result, you will not need to pay the mortgage, for upkeep or the fees associated with listing it “for sale” any longer than necessary, which will increase your overall profit on the house sale.

Possible Appliances to Include in Your Kitchen When Your House is on the Market

While you might not need all of the following appliances, our list below will help you decide which ones you do need.

  • Cooktop
  • Free standing oven
  • Wall oven
  • Range hood
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer

Once you decide on the types of appliances that you need to upgrade your kitchen, contact Master Tech Appliance Service to purchase them along with any necessary installations. Be smart and reap the benefits of pre-installed appliances for houses that are “for sale” with your own home.

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