Appliance Manufacturer’s Warranty: What is it and How Does it Work?

10 January 2023

Buying a major appliance is an investment, so don’t lose money by being unaware of your warranty. Manufacturers’ warranties are commitments made by them on the responsibilities they take on concerning their products. They are frequently available for reading before you even make the purchase and are typically required by law.

The warranty’s scope can differ from one product to another. Before making a major appliance purchase, consider the warranty and whether the coverage is appropriate for you. Otherwise, you risk incurring unnecessary repair charges. Your Owner’s Manual will detail the specifics of your appliance’s coverage, but with a few exceptions, the manufacturer warranty usually lasts for a full year. Knowing the information below about your warranty will help you save time and money, regardless of the specifics of the warranty for your appliance.

Make Sure to Keep Your Receipt

Keep your receipt for at least 10 years because buying a home appliance is a major investment. The technician will need to see your purchase receipt to validate the appliance warranty if you need to use it. The technician will need a legitimate copy of the proof of purchase to collect payment from the manufacturer for the services he has rendered. The bill becomes your responsibility if the manufacturer declines to pay it. Keep that receipt, then!

Carefully Read the Coverage Details

Don’t expect that the warranty will cover all types of repairs in the first year you own the product. Typically, repair issues resulting from a manufacturing flaw are the only ones covered by manufacturers. What to watch out for is listed below:

  • Cosmetic Repairs – Scratches on doors, burned-out bulbs, drawer splits, worn-out or broken knobs, and loose or broken handles are examples of cosmetic repairs. Usually, cosmetic repairs are only covered for a predetermined period following the purchase date. For information about the coverage of your product, consult the owner’s manual.
  • Installation Issues – Uneven wash cycles, dryer vibration difficulties, and drain gap concerns with the dishwasher are problems that may be caused by poor installation. Your dryer’s manufacturer’s warranty would not cover the service call if the imbalance were caused by improper installation leveling.
  • Misuse/Neglect – The manufacturer will not pay for repairs if your washer’s motor is harmed by loose coinage or if the repairman discovers that you are using a home appliance for commercial purposes.

Your Technician is a Third-Party Service Provider

Many people must know that the authorized technician servicing their appliance (in most situations) does not directly represent the manufacturer. He cannot approve the replacement of your appliance or the extension of your coverage. His duty (and objective) is to fix your appliance. Remember that your technician is a third party and is there to help get your equipment up and running as it should if you are in any way unhappy with the product or the store that sold it to you.

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