Attaching Cooktops to Countertops: Why Hire Certified Kitchen Appliance Installers?

17 April 2019

Granite, marble, quartz, or composite countertops are all very popular in residential homes today. Not only are they durable, beautiful, and low-maintenance, but these materials also exude a feeling of class that cannot be imitated with regular tile, linoleum, or wooden countertops.

Because of the popularity of these materials, there are many home depot stores that offer ‘pre-cut’ marble, granite or quartz countertops, which are meant to be designed for those who want to engage in DIY installation. While many people are taking the opportunity to try their hand at installing their own countertops, but when it comes to installing cooktop systems, it is recommended to hire certified kitchen appliance installers.

While it may seem like an easy task – attaching cooktops to countertops – there are many things that could go wrong, especially if one doesn’t have the proper tools and training. That is why it is important to hire certified kitchen appliance installers. They will make sure cooktops are safely installed, and that the warranty of your appliance is protected.

Below are some good reasons why you should hire certified kitchen appliance installers to attach cooktops to countertops:

• Wiring – regardless of whether your cooktop is electric or gas-powered, there will be the need to attach wiring to get it functioning correctly. This is a crucial element of installation that must be done perfectly because if something goes wrong, it could result in personal injury, fire, or damage to the cooktop.

• Precise measurements – while pre-measured countertops do exist, they aren’t always a perfect fit for new cooktops and will require professional alterations using power tools. Re-measuring and altering countertops to better fit cooktops takes a lot of time and expertise that the average DIY-er simply may not have.

Specialised tools – securely fitting a new cooktop into a countertop requires special tools and training. Improperly mounting cooktops to countertops could result in damage to both.

• Time-consuming – taking everything into account, attempting a DIY kitchen project, that includes attaching cooktops to countertops would be far too time-consuming to do for most people, compared to the time it would take certified kitchen appliance installers.

If you have a new cooktop that you want to attach to a new or existing countertop, you don’t have to do it alone. Instead, hire certified kitchen appliance installers from Master Tech Appliance Services. Our professional installers are certified to install all major brand cooktops, and have the training and tools to make sure the job is done right.

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