Benefits of Range Hoods

26 September 2016

There are many appliances in a modern kitchen, the overhead range hood is one of them. Although, it is one of the least appreciated, the range hood is there to provide filter support of air over cooktops and stoves. It is specially designed to extract and expel smoke, gases and odours from inside your kitchen. This makes the range hood an essential appliance of any home.

The Many Benefits of Range Hoods

Range hoods have other benefits people may not know about, to give you an idea, here are some listed below:

Keeps Air Clean

A rang hood removes potentially toxic air pollutants and gas from the air while you are cooking, thus preventing these from being inhaled by you and your family. Also, by constantly expelling smoky air, outside the home, bad odours are less likely to develop. Kitchens without a range hood suffer from inadequate ventilation that can be dangerous, as carbon monoxide can build up in the room, and that can cause a potential health hazard.

Removes Excess Heat

It gets hot over an open flame, even electrical hot pads produces serious amounts of heat to cook with, and as that heat rises, range hoods suck it up and blow it outside your home. In this way, kitchens don’t become hot boxes like they did many years ago.

Provides Better Lighting

Not all range hoods have adequate lighting, and some have none at all. Quality brand range hoods, such as Savoir-Faire, have ample lighting in which to see clearly what you are cooking. Having enough light to see kitchen counter space on either side of a standing oven is important, especially when it comes time to clean-up after meals.

Increases Property Value

Any addition or alteration of your home has a direct influence on your property’s value. Quality brand kitchen appliances become a significant selling point that buyers look at when it comes time to sell. So, when purchasing a new range hood, it is advised to buy a top brand name kitchen appliance.

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