Benefits of Using Gas Cooktops

02 November 2017

Compared to electric ranges, many people that like to cook, as well as professional chefs will agree when it comes to using gas tops, they’ll tell you that gas cooktops are still king of the kitchen. Despite the increasing popularity of electric ranges, many people continue to prefer gas cooktops over electric ranges, with good reason. It’s true, electric ranges have some advantages, but these are easily outweighed by the benefits of using gas cooktops.

Let’s take a closer look as to why gas cooktops are considered superior:

1. Gas cooktops take less time heating and cooling.

As soon as you turn the switch on, a gas cooktop instantly releases heat through the flames. This allows you to cook food that require low heat within minutes. In comparison, an electric cooktop needs some time to heat up, which tends to be a waste of time for those into fast cooking. Because gas cooktops cool down faster than electric ranges, it makes them safer.

2. Gas cooktops provide better temperature control.

Electric cooktops usually have a limited set of temperature settings, which makes it nearly impossible to cook food perfectly. The makes the risk for overcooking more likely with electric ranges because some food preparations require precise temperatures, something only gas cooktops can achieve – allows full control of the heat.

3. Gas cooktops are more versatile.

When it comes to the type of cookware you can use, gas cooktops offer more versatility. You can use any type of cookware on them without the risk of damaging burners. Electric cooktops, on the other hand, require special pots and pans that must be handled with care. Also, any dents or warping on the bottom of these cookware can prevent electric cooktops from heating food evenly. This is never a problem with gas cooktops, food continues to cook evenly.

4. Gas cooktops are more cost-efficient.

While major brand gas cooktops are pricier than most electric ranges, in the long run, it is cheaper to maintain a gas cooktop than an electric range because gas costs significantly less than electricity.

As long as you get your major brand gas cooktop from a trusted supplier like Master Tech Appliance Services, you are guaranteed a durable and long-lasting kitchen appliance that will not only help you to cook perfect food, but that will also save you money over an electric range.

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