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Know the Best Methods for Proper Cleaning and Maintenance of Glass Rangehoods

13 Oct 2021

Glass range hoods are generally picked in a moderate kitchen since they are smooth and exquisite and doesn\'t occupy a ton of room. All the more critically, they are ... [Read More]

To Repair or To Replace? Understand What Your Range Hood is Telling You

30 Sep 2021

A range hood or stove vent hood over your stove should be cleaned and kept up with to work appropriately. Steady substantial smoke and massive use can mess with the ventilation, ... [Read More]

Kitchen Appliance Installation Safety

10 Sep 2021

Modern technology has made our lives easier, especially when it comes to innovations like appliances and kitchen equipment. However, they still require care and maintenance ... [Read More]

4 Tell-tale Signs You Need Urgent Cooktop Replacement

06 Aug 2021

Kitchen spaces will not be complete if they do not possess effective and functional cooking appliances. One of the appliances used for cooking is the cooktop. A cooktop is ... [Read More]

Why You Should Choose Original Spare Parts when Maintaining Your Kitchen Appliances?

27 Jul 2021

Kitchen appliances play a pivotal role in many properties. For one, a lot of them have been very useful in cooking and heating food products. Other types of kitchen appliances ... [Read More]

Entrusting AKTIVO Cleaning Products for Your Kitchen Appliances

08 Jul 2021

Users of a kitchen like you can maximise all the kitchen appliances on your property if they are functioning very well. After all, they can make your cooking activities easy ... [Read More]

4 Helpful Tips to Remove Rust from Your Cooking Appliances

25 Jun 2021

Cooking appliances such as cooktops, ovens, and rangehoods are vital to the operations of kitchens, especially when it comes to food preparation and area maintenance. But for ... [Read More]

Maximising Rangehood Performance by Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

07 Jun 2021

One vital component of kitchens that can help eradicate toxins in the air is rangehood. It is often situated right above the cooktop, ensuring that its fans and other core ... [Read More]

Rangehood Installation Mistakes and What You Should Do

26 May 2021

One part of the kitchen that can maintain its cleanliness is the rangehood. Rangehood is a device that has a mechanical fan that can remove airborne grease, fumes, smoke, heat, ... [Read More]

Common Mistakes that Affect the Performance of Your Cooktops

10 May 2021

Kitchen owners normally maximise cooktops in terms of cooking meals and heating other food products. After all, cooktops can produce enough heat that can be useful for warming ... [Read More]

5 Ways to Prolong the Service Life of Your Free Standing Oven

29 Apr 2021

Many kitchen owners maximise different appliances to conduct proper cooking and heating of food. One of the appliances that they typically obtain is the oven. Ovens, in general, ... [Read More]

Main Factors to Consider When Buying a Rangehood

13 Apr 2021

When preparing or cooking a meal, there are certain elements that are introduced to the air. Some of these elements are odours, moisture, and grease. Without any additional ... [Read More]

Kitchen Stove and Oven Breakdown: Know When to Fix and When to Replace

26 Mar 2021

Two appliances that are deemed useful for kitchens are stoves and ovens. Both appliances are often utilised in heating and cooking food products, allowing them to be edible and ... [Read More]

Undercooked or Burnt Food When Using Your Oven? Let Master-tech Fix It for You!

11 Mar 2021

Kitchens are typically comprised of a lot of appliances that can help kitchen owners and others in performing core kitchen activities. From cooking food to cleaning the ... [Read More]

Trustworthy Kitchen Appliance Installation and Repair Services: Because Your Safety Matters to Us

25 Feb 2021

Kitchen appliances like stove, oven, fryer, and others can be very useful in cooking and heating delicious meals. Therefore, property owners should have them installed and ... [Read More]

Telltale Signs that Your Oven Needs Replacement

11 Feb 2021

There are numerous reasons why property owners often purchase and get an oven for their kitchens. Whether it\'s for domestic or commercial use, ovens can usually help in ... [Read More]

Kitchen Appliance Installation and Safety Tips

29 Jan 2021

When introducing electrical appliances, remember that most standard home electrical circuits are on a 120-volt line. The regular power source has two spots to connect ... [Read More]

The Importance of Rangehood Cleanup and Maintenance

14 Jan 2021

Cooking produces various effluents including oil, dampness, and smoke. With the fumes fan on, every one of these parts is drawn up through the kitchen hood, through ... [Read More]

Christmas Season Check: Making Sure that Your Kitchen Appliances are Working Efficiently

15 Dec 2020

Kitchen appliances often take the brunt from all the holiday cooking and preparation. Homeowners often don’t think about their appliances until something goes wrong and ... [Read More]

The Master-Tech Difference: Book Your Kitchen Appliance Installation Now Just in Time for the Holidays

07 Dec 2020

During the Holidays there are many special sales to be had, ranging from all types of kitchen appliance and accessories, but shopping during these times of the year is ... [Read More]