Buying Branded Kitchen Appliances from Master-Tech: A Great Way to Start the New Year

16 December 2019

If you are looking for kitchen appliances for the upcoming year, then you need to buy from reputable companies. As you all know, kitchen appliances play a huge part in our lives. Be it on our homes or our business, kitchen appliances can help us provide the best food that we can serve out of our kitchens.  

Fortunately, Master-Tech has numerous branded kitchen appliances that can help start your New Year right. We believe that every household and business deserves appliances that are as effective as the one who will be cooking and preparing food. As the New Year approaches, it might be the best time for you to invest in new appliances, especially if you have old and unstable appliances out there.

Know Our Branded Kitchen Appliances

Your local department store may offer you a lot of choices when it comes to kitchen appliances. However, some of their offerings are mediocre and do not have the appropriate qualities that some of us want for our kitchen. Some of these brands are not even reputable and don’t offer appropriate after-sales services right after you purchase them.

Kitchen appliances are delicate equipment that must have certifications and specifications suitable for any type of kitchen. With Master-Tech, we have gathered the best brands that the market can offer. These brands offer kitchen appliances that are built to last and effectively serve their true function without compromising quality and safety.

For the sake of our consumers, we have partnered with these brands to offer high-quality kitchen appliances as well as their after-sales services. Our kitchen appliances inventory cover brands like St. George, Ascot, Klasse, Schweigen, Savoir-Faire, Glen Dimplex, Euro, Euromaid, Belling, Robinhood, Home Appliances, and IAG Appliances. Their kitchen appliances can perform key roles and functions effectively since they consist of powerful quality internal components in strong durable chassis.

Advantages of Branded Kitchen Appliances

Buying branded kitchen appliances from Master-Tech offers you more numerous benefits than buying a generic one. If you want to save a lot of money, then branded kitchen appliances must be your only option this upcoming New Year.

  • Reliability: Kitchen appliances from reputable companies are highly dependable and reliable. Compared to generic brand appliances, branded kitchen appliances are built to last longer thanks to their durable overall build and components.
  • Maintenance: The need to maintain branded kitchen appliances are lessened compared to appliances from unknown companies. As mentioned, parts from branded kitchen appliances are durable since they are made with the highest quality possible. With strong internal components, the possibility of breakdowns and downtimes is going to be lower for branded kitchen appliances.
  • Warranty: Branded kitchen appliances may cost a little higher than the generic ones, but they are ensured to be covered for over a year of store warranty. The warranty coverage of branded kitchen appliances extends far from the 30 to 60-day store warranty of generic kitchen appliances.
  • Service: The repair for generic kitchen appliances can cost higher since some of them breakdown multiple times. Moreover, some components of these appliances must be imported somewhere else. Companies of branded kitchen appliances, on the other hand, allow multiple local appliances store to repair their appliances by providing them spare internal components.

A new year calls for a new addition to your kitchen. It is undeniable that buying branded kitchen appliances offers a lot more than buying generic brand kitchen appliances or sticking to your old struggling kitchen appliances. If you want to know more about our offerings, just give us a call at Master Tech Appliance Services. 

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