Choosing Between Single Motor versus Dual Motor Range Hood: What Do You Really Need?

13 December 2018

Of all the kitchen appliance found in a home, surprisingly, the significance of the range hood gets overlooked the most. In fact, it is the range hood that is the most important appliance in the kitchen, for many reasons.

When range hoods are functioning properly, they will effectively remove smoke, heat, and odours while you are cooking. Without a range hood, or when these are not functioning properly, heat, smoke, and odour will remain in the kitchen while cooking, creating a very uncomfortable and potentially hazardous environment.

When smoke cannot freely exit a kitchen, it creates many problems, such as it makes it difficult for a person to breathe and see what they are doing, which is dangerous when working around fire and hot surfaces. Before range hoods, people would open all the windows in their home to ventilate their kitchen, but because the ventilation wasn’t effective enough, odours would remain for days.

Today, range hoods are found in most homes. However, with the various sizes of kitchens, there are many questions people ask regarding range hoods.

Single Motor Versus Dual Motor Range Hoods

When it comes to kitchen renovation, many people are so excited about designing the layout of their kitchens and choosing the best cabinets, counters, and appliances that they overlook the range hood. Making a choice on the type of range hood can be difficult for home owners, especially when it comes to choosing between a single motor and double motor range hoods.

So, what is better? Do you need a single motor or double motor range hood for your kitchen? That is a good question to ask, and the answer is easy to understand. When choosing between a single motor and a double motor range hood, you must first consider the size of your kitchen.

The main function of a range hood is to provide adequate ventilation to kitchen spaces. While a single motor range hood will serve its basic function of removing smoke, heat and odours while you are cooking, it may not be as efficient in larger kitchens. Dual motor range hoods are best used in large, open kitchen spaces because they are able to move more air and can ventilate a room better than single motor range hoods can.

While this is a basic answer to the question, it is advised to choose a dual motor range hood, if possible, as it will make sure that you have the capability to effectively ventilate your kitchen when cooking.

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