Common Kitchen Oven Problems and How They Can Be Prevented

09 February 2017

When an oven isn’t working as it should, even the best cooks can have a bad day because food can get burned, become undercooked, or turn out not as planned, which can ruin a meal. While a professional cook can make adjustments to compensate for an oven that is not functioning as it should, most people’s meal would be ruined, in fact, there are a few common kitchen oven problems that plague home-cooked meals, but these can be avoided or prevented.

How to Prevent Common Kitchen Oven Problems

There are many new homes today that come equipped with kitchen appliances, such as ovens and ranges, and these are usually not of the highest quality, that is why after only a few years or less common problems occur. But there are things one can do to rectify, temporarily, these problems.

Inconsistent temperature – with age and use, many brands of ovens do not maintain the temperature that the dials are set at, basically, these need to be re-calibrated. Until a repair technician can be called in to fix the problem, by replacing or re-calibrating the oven’s thermostat as needed, you can preheat the oven and then use a cooking thermometer to establish and maintain the right temperature as needed, rather than rely on the temperature knob settings.

The oven door doesn’t shut or seal completely – depending on the quality of the oven, and the materials used to fabricate the door, the oven’s door can become damaged and warp over time and use. It is possible to loosen bolts attaching the hinge of the oven door, and then add a washer to get a better seal, but heat may still escape and it can get hot standing next to the oven when baking.

These and other common kitchen oven problems can be avoided all together, by purchasing a proven top brand oven.

Top Brand Ovens Prevent Common Problems in the Kitchen

It’s true, most common kitchen oven problems are directly related to the quality of the brand, parts do not last as long, can become damaged easily, and contacting a kitchen appliance repair service to come to your home costs as nearly as much as the oven when new.

Investing in a top brand oven and range is the solution, as established kitchen appliance brands, such as Ascot, St George, and Savoir Faire, are very reliable, require less maintenance and repairs, and come with a service warranty.

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