Common Range Hood Problems that Calls for Repair

15 July 2020

Both residential and commercial kitchens can work best if they have range hood above their main cooking areas. With a range hood, kitchen owners can keep the air clean as it removes toxic pollutants, gasses, and foul odour that are roaming around in the kitchen. A range hood can also help remove excess heat. Any cooking process gives off heat or steam that can increase the kitchen temperature. With range hood, most of the heat will be sucked away by the range hood for a more comfortable cooking experience.

Given the benefits of range hood, it is crucial that it works properly all the time. However, if you encounter the following problems, then you might want to call in a professional for the needed repairs.

Strange and Unusual Sound

The exhaust fan of a range hood is partly responsible for keeping the heat, pollutants, and odour away from the kitchen. But if your range hood makes an unusual noise, then it means that the motor of the fan is too dirty, which can affect the operations of the fan. The motor may also be grinding against some grease or debris around it. Without resolving the matter right away, the motor may break down and burn out completely. If cleaning the area surrounding the motor does not eliminate the strange noise, then the only way to keep it quiet and functional is to replace it completely.

Rattling Internal Components

Another common problem with most range hoods is their rattling action. Whenever a range hood is turned on, it must functional quietly without giving off any rattling sound and movement. Manifesting any rattling movement means that the range hood has loose or defective components. There might be some screws that just need to be returned to their respective places. A repair is, however, needed if there are range hood parts that are already damaged. Pieces of damaged components may be knocking around the range hood, which may further damage other internal components if left unresolved.

Accumulation of Moisture

The exhaust fan of a range hood can easily build-up and accumulate moisture, which then results in moisture dripping from it. As an effect, the surface beneath the range hood might stain and can even get damaged in the long run. When the moisture still accumulates over time, it can subsequently cause the growth and formation of germs, mould, and other unsanitary elements that can affect the whole kitchen. To check moisture accumulation, you must remove the fan’s cover and clean its inner surface. Repairs are needed if the surface of the fan and other components have already been damaged by moisture.

Non-functional Range Hoods

If a range hood does not start and work at all when switched on, then its circuit breaker may have already been tripped. It is also possible that the fuse of the range hood has blown, ceasing any possibility of the range hood to be functional. Any range hood problems that are related to the power supply must be addressed by a professional immediately. Professionals are the only authorised people to check, repair, and replace the faulty parts of the power supply. Hiring them can prevent any electrical accidents or further damages that may occur if you do the repairs on your own. Calling for repairs to fix range hood problems can help you obtain a fully functional range hood without wasting any time and money. Repairs by professionals also help you avoid getting accidents and injuries that may put your life to danger. For range hood repairs and maintenance, feel free to contact us at Master Tech Appliance Services.

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