Common Signs that Says You Need To Replace Your Rangehood

08 March 2017

A range hood in good working condition is an essential item for every modern kitchen today. Your range hood improves air quality throughout your kitchen and adjoining breakfast nook, bar or dining room. It also helps keep the surrounding kitchen wall space clean and free of grease or smoke residue from daily meal preparation. It prevents excess steam from causing wall paint to peel and the nearby backsplash tiling to loosen and separate from your kitchen wall. Unless a range hood stops working completely, many home chefs are not aware that it may be in serious need of a periodic adjustment or tune-up.

Common Signs That Tell You Your Kitchen’s Range Hood Needs Replacing

There are several commonly occurring indications that reveal the immediate need to replace your current kitchen range hood, including the following signs:

  • You Suddenly Notice that Your Kitchen is Unusually Smoky. – If your eyes keep watering while you cook on your range, this is a sign that the range hood’s fan system is failing to absorb and then exhaust the lingering aromas of delicious meals in the making as well as bothersome smoke and grease. First, try cleaning the fan’s blades and its tray of all excess grease accumulation. Next, examine the air ducts connected to the fan for any debris blockage. If neither of these efforts alleviates the smoky atmosphere, call your local range service provider for repair or replacement of your range hood.
  • Your Kitchen Range Hood Motor is Growing Louder During Use. – You notice that the motor of your range hood is growing progressively louder with each use. You should first give the motor a thorough cleaning to determine if the excess noise is due to grease and cooking residue buildup. If cleaning does not help, contact your range hood repair service to find out whether this essential item of kitchen equipment needs refurbishing or replacement.
  • Controls on the Range Hood Do Not Work Due to a Potential Problem with the Interior Circuit Board. – If you push the control buttons on your range hood and neither the light nor other functions work, first check the fan’s operation. If the fan is operating normally, the built-in circuit board may be failing or malfunctioning. You should notify your range hood repair and replacement service provider to identify the problem and recommend either repairs or installation of a new range hood. If, in fact, you do need a new range hood, check the product warranty to determine if its protection is still in effect for your current range hood. If so, contact the product manufacturer to request a replacement. If the warranty coverage no longer applies, call your reliable local range hood supplier for a new hood installation.

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