Convection Ovens: How Do They Work?

31 January 2017

There are many types of ovens, which is evident by the various names these are given, such as the convection oven. But there are some who aren’t sure what a convention oven is, or how they work? Are these ovens helpful in the kitchen, for the types of food that you prepare?

Like any oven, these are used to cook all types of foods, but more efficiently than traditional ovens. The basic difference between a traditional oven and a convection oven is that a convection oven has a fan that circulates air while cooking, to effectively keep the temperature inside the oven steady.

Technically, all traditional and modern ovens are convection ovens, in that air circulates naturally when temperature changes inside the oven. However, a ‘convection’ oven aids the natural circulation of air, caused by temperature differences inside the oven, using a fan. In this way, controlled circulation of heat within the oven while cooking produces an steady temperature, which directly helps cook food evenly.

Another benefit of having a fan circulating air within an oven is that it not only cooks food thoroughly, and evenly, but it also cooks food faster, which is an energy-saving feature. These are all great reasons to buy a convection oven, especially if you enjoy cooking and don’t like waiting around to roast or bake your food thoroughly.

Although this type of oven has its benefits, it is not ideally used for cooking all types of food. For example, some foods are best baked with a gradual increase of heat, naturally, without the convection/fan turned on. Otherwise, certain delicate foods such as cakes, custards and flans can produce ‘lopsided’ results. For convenience, the fan inside convection ovens can be turned off if needed, to allow it to be used as a traditional oven, so that the right baking environment can be used for delicate foods.

The best use of the convection setting is when roasting vegetables and meats because they cook faster and more evenly. Baking cookies is easier, faster, and allows you to cook more than one tray at a time, without having to ever rotate the tray. Convection are very useful, in fact, it is a beneficial feature every serious cook should have at their disposal.

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