Customise to Match Your Kitchen Design with Your Kitchen Appliances

30 May 2016

When it comes time to plan kitchen remodelling, there are a few very important things to consider before you make any definite design decisions. While colour schemes, the type of cabinets to use, countertops, kitchen islands and the layout of the pantry, all play an important role in creating the ideal kitchen ambiance. However, there are some essential ingredients that often get overlooked in the process of kitchen design, until they are needed. What are these?

Kitchen Appliances to Match Your Kitchen Design

The right kitchen appliance can truly be the ‘icing on the cake’ of any kitchen design plan. The style and type of kitchen appliance should also be considered, along with all the other aspects that are involved with kitchen remodelling, such as the type of kitchen table, chairs, colour scheme, style of cabinets and counter-tops you choose.

The position of appliances is also important when designing a kitchen layout. For example, it is not advised to place cooktops, free standing ovens or wall ovens directly next to the refrigerator, or placing the dishwasher far from the sink area. It just makes sense, when you think about. But, the best way to ensure your kitchen design is a huge success is by having kitchen appliances that match your planned decor.

Kitchen Appliance Performance Features over Aesthetic Appeal

There is no lack of diversity when it comes to the aesthetic design and appeal of appliances for the kitchen, which makes kitchen remodelling an even more exciting process to plan for because there are so many choices available. However, aesthetics aside, anyone who enjoys cooking and spending time in the kitchen knows that performance features trump aesthetic appeal. Because, that is what really matters to those who know how to cook and use the kitchen everyday.

Stainless steel kitchen appliances with performance features work best in any kitchen design, even high-end kitchens. And, these universally match just about any colour scheme and cabinets’ style you choose to use. A good example would be an Ascot freestanding oven, it has six gas burners, a safety gas shut off valve, a small static oven, a grill, cast iron trivets, burner caps, slideout warmer drawer and easy clean internal enamel.

There are many quality kitchen appliance brands that have performance features that people who use the kitchen daily appreciate, and these also have aesthetic appeal to match your kitchen design. Brands such as St George, Schweigen, Klasse, Euro, Euromaid, Glen Dimplex, Belling, Robinhood and Belling. And, if you ever need these installed or repaired, Master-Tech offers warranty servicing, as well as quality spare parts for your cooking appliances.

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