Differences between Manual and Automatic Ignition in Gas Stoves

15 January 2019

Gas stoves are the most popular and versatile kitchen appliances, and every year it seems that manufacturers are always introducing some type of new aspect or feature to them. However, when it comes to lighting gas stoves, depending on the quality of the model, there are basically two main choices – manual and automatic ignition.

What are the differences between manual and automatic ignition in gas stoves? That is a good question to ask, the answer is an appealing aspect.

Manual and Automatic Ignition in Gas Stoves

Of all the features that manufacturers boast about in their gas stoves, one of the most appealing is the automatic ignition. It is the most popular with consumers.

What is a gas stove automatic ignition? An automatic ignition for a gas stove is an electronic device that automatically ignites a gas burner. It is integrated into the burner setup of a gas stove range. When turning the knob of a modern gas stove, it triggers an electrical spark to ignite the gas in the burner. Once the gas is ignited, the flame can then be adjusted to the desired intensity as needed.

A manual ignition of a gas stove requires you to turn a knob to start the flow of gas, and then either a pilot light will ignite the gas, or it could require one to use a matchstick or a lighter to ignite the gas from the burner. There are some other differences between a manual ignition and an automatic gas stove ignition.

Differences of an automatic ignition compared to a manual ignition of a gas stove range:

Electricity is needed – an automatic gas stove ignition needs electricity to ignite gas in a stove, while a manual gas stove ignition will require a match, a lighter, or a pilot light to start a fire. Some automatic gas stove ignitions are battery operated, but these need to be replaced more often than their electrical counterparts.

Automatic gas stove ignitions are safer – you only need to push a button or press and turn a knob to ignite the gas burner, older manual gas stoves requires you to turn the gas knob and then use a matchstick or lighter to start a fire. This makes the automatic ignition of gas stoves much safer and more appealing.

Higher maintenance – although safer and easier to use, the automatic ignition device of gas stoves need to be serviced, which may entail replacing an electrical circuit, knob, or button as needed.

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