Free Standing Oven Maintenance Tips to Help Avoid Damage and Costly Repairs

28 August 2020

Freestanding ovens are a great kitchen equipment that provides you with additional cooking options for whatever you wish to create. There are even dual fuel freestanding cookers that supply you with an array of different configuration options, including an electric oven with a gas cooktop, electric oven with an efficient induction cooktop or a full gas oven or cooktop configuration. Since they provide homeowners with such ease and convenience, it is a must to ensure proper unit care and maintenance for a lasting usage. Below are free standing oven maintenance tips to avoid damage and costly repairs.

Clean Free Standing Ovens Properly

Normally, the task of cleaning your free standing ovens is often least prioritised. More often than not, only when it is time to use the oven again and the oven door is opened that one is reminded to clean the oven again. If this is the case, meat-juices, oil, and baked-on stains can be very stubborn to come off, especially if they have not been cleaned for some time.

Remove Food Residue from Free Standing Ovens

The first thing that needs to be done in properly cleaning a standard free standing oven is to remove all shelves and runners, and then focus on removing any large pieces of food residue from inside the oven. While there are many ways people claim to clean ovens using household products, nothing is more effective than specially designed oven cleaners like Aktivo.

Apply Appropriate Free Standing Oven Cleaners

Applying Aktivo oven cleaner onto runners, shelves, and the interior walls of your oven is simple, and the instructions are easy to follow. Compared to all other means of cleaning your free standing oven that require you to work hard scrubbing off baked-on grease and oil stains, Aktivo oven cleaner makes the job as easy as possible, by just applying and then wiping your oven clean.

For Self-Cleaning Free Standing Ovens

Cleaning is much easier for self-cleaning ovens. The way these work is actually quite simple, the oven door will automatically lock during the self-cleaning process, and then the temperature will heat up to roughly 500°C. This high temperature is maintained, for a period of time determined by the manufacturer, until food residue is reduced into ash, which can then be easily wiped away once the temperature falls back to a safe level.

Care must be taken when placing ovens on self-cleaning mode, as the oven door can become extremely hot. It is advised to keep children out of the kitchen at this time to prevent them from touching the hot oven door. Self-cleaning free standing ovens do a fairly decent job at cleaning, without using any chemicals, however, there are still hard-to-reach areas that will need thorough cleaning the old fashioned way – by hand. It is important to remember that well-maintained free standing ovens can last for many years. For other care and maintenance tips for free standing ovens, simply visit the website of Master Tech Appliance Services. We will ensure to address your concerns in the best of our abilities.

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