Gas Cooktops: Chef’s and Home Cooks’ Top Preference

07 March 2019

Most of the top chefs in Australia and around the world prefer to use gas cooktops while cooking for others, and at home when preparing meals for their own families. This is also true for aspiring chefs and home cooks, as there are many good reasons why gas cooktops are preferred over electric stoves.

Reasons Why Chefs and Home Cooks Prefer Gas Cooktops

You don’t have to be a professional chef to enjoy the same benefits that a quality brand gas cooktop can offer. In fact, most home cooks prefer to use gas cooktops for the same reasons professional chefs favour them. If you are considering purchasing a new cooktop, and you are trying to decide between an electric burner or a gas cooktop, then consider the reasons below why professional chefs and home cooks prefer gas cooktops over electric ones:

Immediate heat response
– once ignited, there is no waiting around for heat, as gas cooktops have an immediate response speed, unlike electric burners that can take minutes to achieve the desired heat. Also, electric burners are also slow to respond when a need to change heat is required, such as bringing a rolling boil down to a simmer, it can take a minute or two. With a gas cooktop, when you need to change the cooking temperature, the response speed is immediate.

Accommodates various cookware – compared to flat electric burners that can only accommodate flat pots and pans, gas cooktops allows you the ability to cook using varied cookware. Even oversized frying pans, pots, and woks receive the same amount of heat across the bottom surface.

Easy and safe to clean – if you know anyone with an electric range, then you may be familiar with how cumbersome it can be to clean under the burners. The burners are also difficult to clean, as care must be taken not to scratch or damage the surface while trying to remove tough burnt on food stains. Gas cooktops are much easier to maintain and clean, as the steel grates are easy to remove, and just soaking them in water for a few hours, and then applying a multipurpose cleaner, can remove any cooked-on spills.

Easy to install – because of the availability of installation services, new quality gas cooktops are easy to install. All you have to do is visit the website of Master Tech Appliances Services, fill out basic information about your new gas cooktop, include your address, and the date you would like to Book an Installation. That’s it, and you will get a confirmation call-back within 48 hours.

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