IAG Ovens: Spare Parts, Repair and Installation Services in Melbourne

08 June 2018

Finding the right oven for your home takes time. If you have set your sights on an IAG oven, then you have obviously done your research, as these are reliable and well-made European appliances that you can depend on to cook delicious food for your family.

Spare Parts, Repair and Installation Services for IAG Ovens in Melbourne 

One of the biggest hurdles in deciding on the brand of oven to purchase is the availability of spare parts, and repair and installation services. Not all kitchen appliance service providers carry top brand, European kitchen appliance spare parts, or are they authorised to conduct warranty services on these.

But not to worry, because here at Master-Tech Appliance Services we supply spare parts for all major brand kitchen appliances, and if we don’t have the parts you need in stock, we can order them. We are also authorised to conduct repair and warranty services on all major brand appliance. If you just purchased an IAG oven, and you need to have it installed professionally, we do that too!

While IAG ovens and appliances are well-known for their dependable, high quality parts, they still need to be maintained properly to ensure that they safely function properly over time. Regular maintenance of kitchen appliances also helps prevent damage to their parts, thus prolonging their service life.

Whether you purchased a gas or electric IAG oven, you can count on our experienced installation experts to install it properly. That is because all of our technicians are trained to install, diagnose, maintain and repair IAG gas and electric ovens, and they are certified to provide full warranty services, as well as non-warranty services.

It is easy to book an installation online for your new IAG oven, just click “Book an Installation” on our website, fill out the fields providing your contact information and address, the brand and model number of your appliance, and then submit it. It’s that simple! After submitting, you can expect one of our technicians to contact you within 48 hours to confirm your installation date.

Similarly, if you want to book a service for an existing IAG oven, or any other major brand kitchen appliance, simply visit our website and click on “Book a Service”. The required fields are much the same, just provide your contact information, the brand and model number of your appliance, and one of our certified technicians will contact you with 48 hours.

If you need spare parts, repair and installation services in Melbourne for your IAG oven, then contact us here at Master Tech Appliance Services today.

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