Integrating Concealed Range Hoods in Modern Kitchen

01 December 2022

In recent years, decorative feature range hoods and stainless-steel canopy range hoods have been popular options for kitchens. Still, there is a significant shift towards concealed or integrated range hoods. It is related to our growing need for more streamlined kitchens, regardless of kitchen style, with clear lines and uninterrupted runs of cabinetry. Most kitchens require range hoods, also known as extraction systems. When they cook, they remove grease and odours from the air, assisting in maintaining the cleanliness and odourlessness of the indoor environment. However, you are not required to display your range hood because it is in your kitchen. The range hood can be hidden for various reasons, and there are a few different ways to do it.

Why Conceal Your Range Hoods?

A range hood hidden from view and completely integrated into the kitchen is known as a built-in or concealed range hood. A range hood, or any other appliance for that matter, can be hidden to draw attention away from the appliances themselves and towards the custom cabinetry and other aesthetic features of the room. When there are several pieces of equipment on display in a small kitchen, it can look congested and crowded. It is when concealed range hoods come in extremely handy.

How to Conceal Your Range Hood?

A range hood can be integrated into kitchen cabinetry on a wall in various ways. Making sure the range hood you select is built to be integrated is the first step because not all of them are. Here are some examples of concealed range hoods for ideas:

Slide-Out Wall-Mounted Range Hood

A slide-out range hood is incorporated into the cabinetry above the stovetop, with just the front edge of the slide-out part showing close to the bottom of the cabinet. Most models offer the option to replace the stainless-steel finish on this area with a custom panel that matches the colour of the kitchen cabinetry.

Range Hoods Above an Island

Stovetop placement on the island bench is a common option. It allows the cook to talk with loved ones or friends gathered around the island rather than turning their back on the guests. The drawback of having the cooking area on an island is that placing a range hood over the stovetop can frequently make the area unsightly. A workaround for this is to incorporate the range hood into distinctive cabinetry that matches or enhances the kitchen as a whole.

Concealed Wall-Mounted Range Hood

A concealed, integrated, or under-mount range hood is a type of range hood that you can instal in your kitchen. The only visible component of this sort of range hood is the bottom of the hood on the underside of the cabinet, which is hidden under the kitchen cabinets.

There are many other options on how you can incorporate or conceal your range hoods to elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen. Whatever you decide, Master Tech is here for all your rangehood warranty needs. You may also check out our available range hoods and call us at 1300 131 118 for more enquiries.

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