Kitchen Appliance Emergency Repair Services: Our Call for Strict Protocols and Physical Distancing Due to Coronavirus

29 June 2020

The spread of the pandemic COVID-19 has shook the world in more ways than one. Interactions are generally limited and the no-direct-contact protocol is heavily observed in most industries. As such, most people are forced to resume their daily routine at the comfort of their homes. This resulted to the heavy use of kitchen appliances.

Consequently, kitchen appliances are subjected to more strenuous functions. In the long run, they are more likely to incur a great amount of wear and tear. Experts have observed that most people during this time have doubled up their usage of kitchen appliances. As a result, the demand for kitchen appliance emergency repair services have increased in an all time high. That is why it is a must for kitchen appliance emergency repair services to adhere to strict protocols and physical distancing. Below are ways on how Master-Tech could ensure such.

Clarify Procedures and Strict Protocols Among Homeowners

Kitchen appliance emergency repair services brings in the fear that anyone coming inside your home could be a COVID-19 carrier. Aside from that, it also increases your chance of getting exposed to the virus. In order to go about the kitchen appliance emergency repair services, it is important to clarify the procedures and strict protocols among homeowners. Ensure that the technician being deployed will be fully equipped with gloves, disposable boots and masks. Lessen contact by routing payment on a non-cash basis. Strictly enforce rules on hand washing and equipment sanitation. Make a certain demarcation line that guarantees a certain distance from customer to technician during the inspection. Deploy authorised technicians with expertise and access to parts, technical information and software specification.

Ask for Homeowner’s Cooperation

The COVID-19 pandemic has rendered the society altered, and quite frankly – understanding has become the key to a harmonious interaction despite the crippling threats that runs freely among the global population. The strict protocols and physical distancing measures must not solely rely on the hands of the technicians. Customers and homeowners must take part in observing them because both sides will significantly benefit from such. The key is trust. Customers and technicians must trust each other for this to work well. With trust, monitoring repair services is deemed unnecessary thus limiting contact and hazards with each other. There is no need for anyone to be in a situation where they put themselves or others at risk. Customers can also help by providing an area solely for hand washing. It should be done before the technician gets inside the house. Customers can provide an area with soap and water along with disposable towels. At the very least, technicians must be able to wash their hands before and after the repair. Also, customers and technicians should feel comfortable breaking off a visit if they become uneasy with the precautions being taken. Although repair services are currently operating, it is extremely important that the term “emergency” be emphasized. There are certain scenarios wherein nonessential services are delayed until the pandemic passes.

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