Maximising Rangehood Performance by Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

07 June 2021

One vital component of kitchens that can help eradicate toxins in the air is rangehood. It is often situated right above the cooktop, ensuring that its fans and other core components can remove toxins and odours that are circulating on a property. Property owners and other people inside the property can truly appreciate this specific function of the rangehood whenever someone is cooking meals.

Rangehoods, when cleaned and maintained regularly, can clear off the kitchen smoke, steam, fumes, and even steaming grease in just a short time. They can also assure that the temperature of the kitchen area will be maintained as they can quickly remove excess heat. The subtleness of their appearance likewise makes them a great addition to the kitchen, especially for property owners who want to achieve a minimal look. Ultimately, their presence in a kitchen can add substantial value to the property.

To fully utilise all the benefits of rangehoods, here are some cleaning and maintenance tips that you must consider and follow.

Clean the Air Filter

One part of the rangehood that can help maintain the air quality of the kitchen is the air filter. Given that it works all the time, the air filter is expected to obtain particulates, smoke, and other elements that are not necessary for the kitchen air. As time passes by, the air filter may be already clogged with these elements. Cleaning the air filter with appropriate cleaning solutions and products can help the rangehood perform optimally again. If you are utilising metal filters, you must clean them by soaking them in a degreasing solution and subsequently washing them with warm, soapy water. 

Clear off the Vent

Your rangehood is often connected to the vent so that any hot gases will be eradicated and sent out of the property. Since these gases are accompanied by many particles and elements, they can gradually build up and accumulate on the surfaces of the vent. Without regular cleaning, the vent can ultimately prevent the hot gases from escaping the property.

To clear off your vent, you must scrub all the grease that can be found on its surfaces with a degreaser and a cloth. Additionally, you must clean the motor that is connected to the vent to preserve its quality. You must, however, replace it if is not working anymore. You may also call for professional cleaners if you want them to thoroughly clean your vent as well as your whole rangehood.

Identify Problems

Once the components of your rangehood are cleaned, you must now conduct an assessment of its condition and performance. During the assessment of your rangehood, you must identify any issues or problems that call for immediate repair or replacement.

If your rangehood emits too much noise, then it might have some problems with the fan. If it does not clear off the smoke from your kitchen, then some of its components might already have some damages. Lights, buttons, and other parts that are not working likewise mean that their electrical components have some issues. Calling for repair services would be the best way to resolve these identified issues.

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