Range Hood Buying Guide: Things You Must Keep in Mind

03 September 2019

If you are concerned about venting smoke and fumes in your kitchen, then finding a quality range hood that meets your needs is important. When it comes to interior design, you want to look for a range hood that is stylish, practical, and effective, but there are some things you must keep in mind to accomplish this.

Simple Range Hood Buying Guide

The best range hoods to buy should be effective at containing and exhausting smoke and exchanging air. Ideally, you want a hood that is quieter than most, which is why it is advised to choose a high-end range hood brand such as Savoir-Faire or other quality European appliance brands.

Duct-free or Vented Range Hoods

Choosing between a duct-free or vented hood is mostly a personal choice, however, take into consideration that a duct free hood functions by containing and filtering smoke and fumes, and then dispersing the air throughout the kitchen and the rest of your home. Because of this, as time passes, smells can develop in a home if hood filters are not maintained regularly.

Most homeowners prefer vented range hoods, as these vent air outside, although, vented hoods require a more complicated installation process.

Don’t Downsize

If you are replacing an old range hood, it is advised to get a larger one rather than downsize, as it is always better to have a more powerful hood that can move more airflow or CFM (cubic feet per minute) to efficiently remove smoke and fumes from your kitchen.

Professional Range Hood Installation

Whenever you purchase a new range hood or kitchen appliance, you should have them professionally installed by booking a service with a reputable appliance installation service, such as Master Tech Appliance Services. Professional appliance installers will make sure that your new range hood or kitchen appliance is installed according to specific manufacturer’s directions, so as not to void the warranty.

The main mistake people make when trying to install range hoods is not placing them properly above the burner or elements to be effective at preventing smoke, fumes, and steam from escaping to the sides and into the kitchen. Or, not properly securing and mounting range hoods into the wall and ceiling.

To avoid any costly installation mistakes, simply visit the website of Master Tech Appliance Services and Book an Installation, it’s easy to do. Simply provide your contact information, and fill out the basic information about the brand and model number of your new range hood, and then one of our certified technicians will reply within 48 hours to confirm the installation date you’ve chosen.

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