Rangehood Installation Mistakes and What You Should Do

26 May 2021

One part of the kitchen that can maintain its cleanliness is the rangehood. Rangehood is a device that has a mechanical fan that can remove airborne grease, fumes, smoke, heat, combustion products, and steam from the air. The fan can either evacuate the air or filter it thoroughly. This specific device is often installed above the stove or cooktop since they generate most of the previously stated elements.

A clean kitchen can be easily attained through the installation of rangehood. However, if the rangehood is not installed properly, then the kitchen air will be surely bombarded with harmful particles. The particles will likewise sit in the kitchen and even move to other areas of the property, causing different health issues like headaches, skin irritation, and nausea. Huge unnecessary expenses are also expected since the rangehood must be inspected, serviced, and installed again by professionals.

Most Common Rangehood Installation Mistakes

There are tons of rangehood installation mistakes that can be done by professionals. Some of these mistakes are the following.

  • Improper Fitting: A rangehood that requires connection to the duct must be compatible with its size and type. If a rangehood is linked to an incompatible duct, then it will surely perform poorly. Worse, it may even cause some overheating issues that could lead to the total breakdown of the rangehood.
  • Warm Air Discharge: Another rangehood installation mistake that some professionals tend to do is to place the duct in an enclosed space. As the duct transfers the warm air from the kitchen to an enclosed space, the rangehood will ultimately function improperly. The warm air might even contribute to the growth of mould and other problems in the property.
  • Electrical Issues: When it comes to the rangehood installation, the electrical connections must be checked carefully so that the device can operate safely. If the device has exposed wires, then it should be hardwired. A rangehood that has a plug must then be plugged in properly. Not following these steps would easily result in electrical problems that can bring harm to the property.
  • Absence of Support: Rangehoods are often installed above the stove or cooktop. And usually, they are placed between the cabinets or below them. They must, however, be attached to joists or structural beams so they will not suddenly fall. Installing the rangehood to the sheetrock or drywall alone can be risky for this device as it may drop anytime. 

Your Next Steps Once Mistakes are Discovered

Once installation mistakes are discovered, you may want to check if your rangehood is still working. There are times where your rangehood can still work even if the installation is not done properly. Letting the professionals check the rangehood can help them understand the main mistake that has been done.

As the reasons behind the installation mistakes are uncovered, the next possible step to conduct is to fix parts and components that cause some issues. From the duct to the rangehood itself, they must be serviced appropriately so that installation mistakes can be avoided. 

But all of these steps can only be done if you will be hiring a reputable appliance company. If you want to hire one, feel free to contact us at Master Tech Appliance Services.

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