Reasons that Make Free Standing Ovens Beneficial for Smaller Kitchens

27 February 2019

It is not the size of a kitchen that makes food taste great, it is the quality of food and how it is cooked that matters most. In almost every kitchen in Australia, it is often a free standing oven that is the workhorse that puts meals on tables and smiles on faces. The benefits of free standing ovens over built-in ovens is why these are so popular, as most kitchens in Australia are of modest size and free standing take up little space.

Reasons Smaller Kitchens Benefit from Free Standing Ovens

Because most kitchens are of modest size, there is always a need for extra space, especially for smaller kitchens. This the main reason for the popularity of free standing ovens, as they are a great way to save space in smaller kitchens. Other benefits of free standing ovens, and why they are ideal for use in small kitchens, are listed here:

A complete package – the main benefit of having a free standing oven in a kitchen is that it is a complete package, meaning that it is an all-in-one cooker, with a hob on top and an oven below.

Comes in variety of sizes
– free standing ovens come in sizes that range from 50cm to 150cm wide, and finding the right size to fit into an existing gap in a smaller kitchen is convenient and easy.

Movable – regardless of the size of a free standing oven, they are able to be moved when needed. If you ever plan on moving to a new house, you can take your free standing oven with you. Unlike built-in or slide-in ovens that are very tricky to move once they have been set in place. To move a built-in oven, and then remount it into a new space, usually requires some construction and a considerable amount of time and money.

Gas and electric – depending on your preference, you can choose either a gas or electric free standing oven to cook with. Although, it needs to be close to a power source, either a gas outlet or electrical plug.

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