Savoir-Faire Black Cooktops: A Great Addition to a Dark and Bold Kitchen Design

17 June 2019

When it comes time to look for a new cooktop for your kitchen, there are no shortages of selections of styles to choose from. Although, you can’t go wrong choosing a quality European brand cooktop like Savior-Faire.

The Savior-Faire brand is well-known around the world for its practical, reliable, and stylish kitchen appliances that can blend in with all types of kitchen themes. If you are renovating your home and need to find the perfect black cooktop that will match your dark and bold kitchen design, then Savior-Faire has the cooktop you seek!

A Perfect Match to Your Dark and Bold Kitchen Design is a Savoir-Faire Black Cooktop

Many homeowners and interior designers are taking advantage of recent kitchen design trends using dark and bold colours. Savoir-Faire black cooktops are a great addition to a dark and bold kitchen design, as the colour black blends naturally with a range of dark colour accents used in modern kitchens.

Installing a Savoir-Faire black cooktop is versatile in that it can help create a new modern kitchen design that includes a variety of shades of black, as well as dark patterns and textures that will give you the bold kitchen design you desire. Current choices in trending kitchen colours vary from bold colours, such as a darker greens, purples, navy blue, to copper, and woods.

A Savoir-Faire black cooktop can complement all trending kitchen colour choices beautifully. Savior-Faire brings class and elegance to kitchens with its black cooktops. It is the perfect choice for dark coloured countertops as it makes a seamless transition, such as with black tiled coutertops. Kitchens utilising black cabinetry will also benefit from Savior-Faire black cooktops.

A quality black cooktop by Savior-Faire will also help to highlight natural stone countertops, which is another good kitchen design choice if you have plans to remodel your kitchen.

Savior-Faire 90cm Black Cooktop

If you are looking for an elegant and classy cooktop that will seemlessly blend into your dark and bold kitchen design, then the Savior-Faire 90cm black cooktop is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Its sleek design includes 5 gas burners, which is perfect for busy homes, a wok burner, and a dependable push button ignition.

You can find Savior-Faire 90cm black cooktops, as well as other quality European brand kitchen cooktops, free standing ovens, rangehoods, and wall ovens, as well as authentic spare parts, here at Mater Tech Appliance Service – authorised warranty and non-warranty services for all major brand kitchen appliances in Victoria.

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