Schweigen Rangehoods Installation in Melbourne

26 July 2017

Schweigen is a leading brand of kitchen appliances, their series of rangehoods are of the highest quality, combining sleek and modern designs with complete functionality and innovative features. When creating the perfect kitchen for your home, office space, or food business, you simply couldn’t ask for better rangehoods!

There are several benefits to owning a Schweigen rangehood:

  • Variety of options. Schweigen offers a decent line-up of rangehoods, including wallmounts, undermounts, ceiling cassettes, island-style, and stylish outdoor “al-fresco” installations. Having the ability to choose from these different kinds mean that you can customise your kitchen space according to your specific needs and design preferences.
  • Customisable motor. Most rangehoods come with pre-installed motors with standard sizes – but not Schweigen. You can pick from their range of patented IsoDrive Silent Motors as well as different-sized rangehoods. Available motors are suited for light to heavy cooking and run with airflow power starting at 650 m3/hr, all the way up to 3200 m3/hr. The varying sizes of motors available means that you can get a perfect fit for your cooking area.
  • Excellent quality. Schweigen rangehoods are made with exceptional quality. Motors are manufactured in Germany and stored in housing made of high-grade ASA – a durable plastic that protects electrical parts from the weather and outdoor elements.
  • Quiet and effective. The great thing about Schweigen rangehoods is that they work really well at extracting fumes, smoke, odour, as well as other air-borne byproducts of cooking. On top of this, they are very quiet when running.
  • Long-term cost savings. Schweigen rangehoods are known for their energy efficiency, and requires no more than 62 watts to operate, compared to the 180-watt minimum power consumption of most its competitors.
  • Nationwide availability. The full range of Schweigen kitchen appliances are available throughout Australia and New Zealand, and come with a 10-year warranty coverage.

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