Simple Ways to Maintain the Efficiency of Your Wall Oven

03 April 2019

A wall oven is a larger, more capacious, and more efficient version of a regular range-style oven. These are often preferred by households who do a lot of cooking, or by businesses that require an efficient and spacious oven for multitasking. Because these can be energy guzzlers, they aren’t usually the preferred kitchen appliance by small households who only use their ovens on rare occasions.

Due to its size and position mounted into the wall, wall ovens are not the easiest appliances to maintain and clean, especially if repairs are needed as it may be required to be pull these out of the wall to have them worked on. Cleaning wall ovens after use is the best way to avoid them from developing into an excessively unclean state, which could negatively affect its efficiency and cause the oven to malfunction.

If you want to extend the lifespan and efficient functioning of your wall oven, you might want to consider the following tips:

• Regular cleaning – after each use, it is recommended to clean your wall oven of any foodstuffs and grime that may stick to the walls and door of your oven. Even just using some warm water and a mild detergent to cut grease, or a solution of warm water and baking soda, is enough to cut down grease buildup.

Be sure to wipe the grills, the glass door, and the exterior of the oven as well, being careful to allow these time to dry thoroughly. This can be done by turning on the oven at the lowest setting and allowing the interior of the oven to dry.

• Regular scheduled maintenance – wall ovens require professional maintenance every now and then. The occasional check up by a professional kitchen appliance technician, just to ensure that your wall oven is tip-top shape, will help to greatly extend the lifespan of your wall oven. Maintenance check-ups ensure that your wall oven is operating at peak efficiency, by making sure that any specialised parts are obtained and replaced as needed.

Maintenance checks will detect any minor damage to your unit, and will help you cut down on potential repair costs, which can arise if minor damages are left to worsen.

• Deep cleaning and repairs – it is also a good idea to invest in deep cleaning, especially if a wall oven is used frequently, as this will make sure that the oven is always operating efficiently, require fewer repairs, and will extend the life of the unit.

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