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28 February 2020

In today’s fast-paced world, nearly everything has been expressly designed to be disposable, which is why many people think that they have to purchase new equipment when their kitchen appliance break down. Fortunately, quality brand European kitchen appliances are built to last for years, but even these will eventually need replacement parts to maintain functionality.

When it comes to home appliances, opting for the finest-available models is always the wiser way to go. However, even the most technological advanced, high-quality appliances have a tendency to become worn down as time passes, and these may even prove to be faulty. While generally a fault of the manufacturer, one has to come into terms with the fact that even the most expensive of machineries sometimes produce items that are beyond perfect.

Here is why replacing parts is better than purchasing new kitchen equipment:


Buying needed spare parts for a broken kitchen appliance will invariably be cheaper than buying a new unit.


Quality kitchen appliances are designed to be long-lasting and are known for their durable nature. Because of this, maintaining kitchen equipment and fixing them when they need spare parts, instead of simply replacing them, allows the equipment to be used for years to come.


People may assume that buying new equipment whenever old ones break down is the most convenient option, but the same cannot be said for quality kitchen appliances. In most cases, replacing malfunctioning parts is often the most convenient choice for high-traffic commercial kitchens that need things up-and-running immediately.

Below are some spare parts for cooking appliance brands that can come in handy.

Savoir-Faire, Schweigen and Klasse

For home kitchen appliances, the true bastions of quality and dependability are Savoir-Faire, Schweigen and Klasse, but even these kitchen convenience greats produce equipment that are privy to the normal course of wear and tear. If you’re a devotee of any of these brands and their illustrious line of products, and you encounter a problem regarding any of them, you will then know how difficult it can be to find authentic spare parts for these quality appliances, especially in the common market.

While this may seem counter-intuitive to the type of quality service that these prestigious companies provide, it is for the very reason of their prestige that the dearth of easily accessible and authentic repair parts exist. Sadly, the great demand for these appliances has spawned an entire underground industry that specialises in creating and selling imitation parts.

When these appliance break-down, imitations parts may seem like a far more accessible and more affordable solution, but these counterfeits rarely function as they should, and, more often than not, cause more harm than good.

If you’re looking for a spare parts distributor for Savoir-Faire, Ascot, Schweigen and Klasse kitchen appliances, you’re in luck with Master Tech.

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