The Dangers of DIY Gas Oven Installation

13 September 2018

If you are purchasing a new gas oven, whether for a kitchen remodeling project, or just to replace your old oven, it may be tempting to consider installing it yourself to save a little money. However, there are dangers of DIY gas oven installation. In fact, DIY gas oven installation really won’t save you money, but it could cost you your life!

While there are some DIY videos on how to install gas ovens, and even how to repair them yourself, it is truly not safe to attempt it. Instead, it is highly advised to book a service with a licensed kitchen appliance installation service, just to be safe. Kitchen appliance installation experts have all the tools, equipment, and proper training to make sure that all work is done correctly and safely.

The dangers of unsafe gas work cannot be over emphasised enough because gas leaks, even small leaks, can result in fire, exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning, and the risk of explosion! If you are working with a builder or contractor to remodel your kitchen, you should definitely confirm that they are qualified to install gas appliances, before you allow them to install your new gas oven.

Common Mistakes of DIY Gas Oven Installation

Checking if permits are required – while DIY gas oven installation is possible, it doesn’t mean that you should do it, or that you are permitted to do it? One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to install their gas ovens is that they do not check to see if there are local permits needed.

Failure to secure a permit, if required in your area, may result in a fine. Usually, gas work requires some type of permit because they need to be inspected to ensure safety, by making sure that the work complies with building codes to prevent potential hazards to property and human life.

DIY kitchen appliance installation voids the warranty – all new kitchen appliances come with a warranty, especially high quality European brand appliances. What most people don’t consider when attempting a DIY gas oven installation is that by doing so they void the warranty. Your gas oven’s warranty will only be preserved if you hire a certified kitchen appliance installation services.

If you want to avoid the common mistakes people make when attempting a DIY gas oven installation, then it is highly advised to book an installation of your new gas oven with Master Tech Appliance Services today.

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