Three Things You Need to Consider in Purchasing Cooktops

21 October 2020

The kitchen is the only place where we can find cooking as a hobby, as a chore, or as a profession. To make everything work, we must choose the right cooktop for our kitchen, especially if you are planning to renovate it. Your choice when it comes to cooktop may come down to gas, electric, and induction. However, you must consider these three things before you purchase one.

Cooking Frequency and Energy Consumption

From the size of cooktops, this portion determines the number and type of burners that you will need in the long run. A gas cooktop can cook any type of food since it has a combination of low-output and high-heat burners. Alternatively, an electric cooktop comes with dual- or triple-tiered elements to offer choices with heating efficiency and power levels. When talking about the electric cooktop, the material used for its build affects the heat transfer capabilities. Metal-top electric stoves can transfer heat faster than electric stoves made in ceramic glass.

Induction cooktops can heat food the fastest compared to others. This property is possible due to the “Bridge Function” that allows you to somehow combine two cooking zones into one. Griddles and poaching pans, especially those that are made with cast iron, enamel cast iron, or stainless steel, can benefit the most with induction cooktops.

Perhaps, induction cooktops are the most energy-saving option when compared to gas and electric since they only transfer the heat energy straight to the pan. Electric cooking consumes the most energy since it converts a lot of electricity into heat. Gas also consumes energy but with risk due to the use of gas tanks.

Kitchen Space and Maintenance

The sizes of cooktops nowadays vary depending on your cooking needs. One common misconception about cooktops is that if you buy a larger one, it means that you can cook more food. The type of cooktops that you are getting can still affect your cooking in the kitchen.

An induction cooktop is best for people who want a small cooktop but cooks a lot since this type of cooktop can heat food more quickly than others. Induction or electric cooktop, on the other hand, is best for people who want to have a large size cooktop but don’t want to sacrifice a huge space in the kitchen. This option can be beneficial since it can serve as a counter when it is closed.

What makes the maintenance and cleaning different from other characteristics is that they depend on the surface of the cooktops. Cooktops with a flat and smooth surface are easier to clean than those with grates. A cooktop surface made of stainless steel and enamel can be maintained easily, making them the most popular material to be used for cooktops. Ceramic glass cooktops are resistant to extreme heat and scratchproof, but require intricate maintenance since they get easily stained and damaged with abrasive cleaning products and other food elements.

Kitchen Safety

If you want a safe cooking environment, then your choice must be between electric and induction cooktops. Electric cooktops indicate the amount of heat through the glow of the active burner. This glow stays on until the surface cools down. This special feature of electric cooktops helps you prevent accidental touches on the hot surface.

As for induction cooktops, they only transfer the heat to the pots used on the surface. This neat transfer only proves that induction cooktops might be the safest among others. Choosing the right cooktop can benefit you in the future since you don’t have to change it every time you feel like it. It is good to decide carefully to avoid spending more time and money in the future. If you want to know more about cooktops, contact us now at Master Tech Appliance Services.

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