Tips for Choosing the Best Quality in Gas Cooktops

14 February 2019

For those that are in the market for a new gas cooktop, whether to upgrade an old one or as an additional kitchen appliance for a kitchen undergoing a renovation, there are some helpful tips for choosing the best quality in gas cooktops that will help you in the decision-making process.

Without a doubt, in today’s modern world, cooktops are the most important appliance in the kitchen, that’s because these are heavily used to cook many types of meals throughout the day. With the choice of electric or gas cooktops, most people choose gas cooktops, mostly because it can save families money. Gas cooktops can lower your utility bill significantly compared to the amount of electricity used to cook with an electric cooktop each month.

How to Choose the Best Quality in Gas Cooktops

If you have some gas cooktops in your sights, but you aren’t sure which one to buy, then you will find these tips for choosing the best quality in gas cooktops helpful:

Safety first – when choosing between gas cooktops, first take a look at the safety features of each unit. Make sure there is an instant control over heat function, most high-quality European gas cooktops have a flame failure safety feature and will automatically shut off the gas if the flame goes out. If you are unsure about the safety features, then you can look at the specifications, read product reviews, or ask a salesperson for verification.

Size – the second consideration should be the size of the cooktop. Cooktops come in all types of shapes and sizes, so you should check the dimensions of the cooktop to make sure it will fit in the space you have planned for it.

Number of burners – you don’t want a gas cooktop that either has too many burners or not enough to meet your needs. However, some gas cooktops have 4 or 5 burners of various sizes, so also consider the layout of the burners and whether they will accommodate the sizes of pots and pans you like to cook with.

There are other feature you can look at after considering the main ones above, such as selecting control knobs that are sturdy and easy to grip. But the best tip of all for selecting a quality gas burner is to choose a brand name you can trust, such as Savoire Faire, Glen Dimplex, Belling, Robinhood, Euromaid, Ascot, St George, or other well-known European brand kitchen appliances.

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