Top Oven Brands to Consider on Your Next Purchase

27 September 2022

Are you exhausted from attempting to mend a broken oven? Shopping for a new cooking appliance is difficult and may be very expensive, whether you want to replace an outdated machine just serving out plates of disappointment or equip your dream kitchen. Additionally, there are now many “techy” features and capabilities that might make the decision even more complicated, even though the fundamentals of using various oven settings won’t have changed much since your previous purchase. Doing your homework can help you identify the ideal oven for your needs. We’ve compiled some top oven brands in Australia to consider on your next purchase.


Most of Miele’s products are created in Germany with a strong emphasis on durability and classic designs, making it the pinnacle of high-end kitchen appliances. The company’s line of ovens is packed with features you won’t find from other manufacturers, such as an inside camera that allows you to always monitor your meal. Additionally, there is a TasteControl feature that immediately begins cooling the oven to stop the food from continuing to cook or bake after the timer has expired. Food can also be heated with it. In some of their ovens, Miele also provides a wireless food probe to help you determine when your food will be done. Other typical features include cool-touch doors, many programmes and functions, self-cleaning or easy-clean enamel finishes, and ‘Flexiclip’ runners, which let you baste and turn meat without getting burned.


Chef, a company that makes kitchen equipment and is a member of the Electrolux family, produces a small number of mid-range electric ovens. Standard sizes and capacities are normally included in the lineup, including 60 cm stainless steel single ovens with an 80L capacity. It’s rumoured that Australia produces a lot of Chef ovens. Dial controls, moulded shelf supports, 24-hour timers, integrated electric grills, pyrolytic cleaning, and air-cooled doors are features you can anticipate (depending on the model).


Westinghouse is a significant player in the home appliance industry and is a successful member of the Electrolux family. One reason is the company’s extensive line of electric and gas ovens. With a variety of single and double combination steam ovens, steam ovens and pyrolytic ovens, as well as many models with either a separate or integrated electric gill, its range may meet a wide range of applications. To suit larger families with many mouths to feed and two-person households needing a regular-size oven, Westinghouse ovens also provide capacities ranging from 80L to 126L.


Finding a freestanding oven might be challenging because many brands provide a wider range of built-in alternatives, but Euromaid covers you. Several freestanding cookers from this manufacturer are 50 cm, 54 cm, 60 cm, and 90 cm in size. With its larger units having roughly 113L to 115L, this range can fit more than the norm. Twin oven fans, catalytic self-cleaning liners, enlarged zones to fit larger equipment, programmable timers, several cooking options, and a lower storage compartment are a few features.

Whatever ovens you might want to consider on your next purchase, know that Master Tech Master Tech is a warranty service agent for all the oven brands mentioned above and other brands like Schweigen, Ascot, Euro, Glen Dimplex, Belling, Home Appliances, Baumatic, Bellissimo Venini, Esatto, Teka, Inalto, Technika, Emilia, Glem, and IAG. With over 30 years of experience, we provide excellent knowledge and service for all cooking appliance brands.

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