Wall Oven and Rangehood Installation: Hire Professionals to Get it Done

20 March 2019

In a modern kitchen, having an oven is a necessity. However, when the time comes to get a new oven, it is definitely easier to find a replacement for a free standing oven than it is for a wall oven. The reason is that free standing oven can be disconnected and moved fairly easily, and z new one moved into its place, as long as it is of the same dimensions.

A wall oven is a bit more complicated, as these are typically custom mounted into place. In fact, removing a wall oven can be more difficult than installing a new one. It is definitely not considered a DIY project, as wires or gas pipes need to be set-in and attached properly because once mounted, it is not easy make changes or adjustments.

So, if you are unfamiliar with electrical work, do not have all the proper tools, and aren’t sure if local laws require an electrician or plumber to wire your appliance or install gas piping, then you will need to hire someone to install your new wall oven. Similarly, when it is time to change your rangehood, by replacing it with a new one, it is also recommended to hire professional appliance services to install it.

Oftentimes people will get a new rangehood, even when their current one is working. The reason is that most rangehoods that come with new homes are not powerful enough to properly improve air quality throughout the kitchen while cooking, and do not effectively keep kitchen walls free of smoke or grease residue as larger rangehoods can.

So, homeowners will often times upgrade their rangehoods to a larger model that have two motor fans, instead of just one. A top brand rangehood will improve the air quality in your home, prevent odours from developing, and increase safety in the kitchen. With a new wall oven and rangehood, you are assured to improve the overall appeal of your kitchen.

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