Wall Ovens versus Free Standing Ovens: What are the Pros and Cons?

17 August 2018

Without a doubt, the main feature of any kitchen is the oven. Whether the oven is used daily or a few times a months, it is the main centre piece of activity in the kitchen. When planning a new kitchen, or renovating an existing one, one of the main considerations is the type of oven that will best fit in your kitchen space.

Deciding between Wall Ovens and Free Standing Ovens

The debate about which type of oven is the best for kitchen rages on, the choice between wall ovens and free standing ovens isn’t one to made lightly, as each one has their own pros and cons. If you are in need of a new oven, and you aren’t sure which type to get for your kitchen project, then you will find the information below helpful.

The pros and cons of wall ovens versus free standing ovens:

Wall Ovens

The pros – wall ovens offer easy access, as they are typically installed at eye-level. Since they are around shoulder height, there is no need to bend when it comes time to clean them or when loading food to be cooked. Wall ovens offer ample cooking capacity, as there are double wall ovens available.

The cons – while wall ovens do save counter space, a kitchen still needs a cooktop of some kind. This creates a dilemma of having two areas dedicated to cooking. Because of this, wall ovens are more suited for kitchens with ample counter spaces to accommodate a cooktop. I regards to double wall ovens, most home kitchens do not have large enough wall space for them.

Range Ovens

The pros – combining an oven and cooktop, range ovens take up less space in your kitchen. There are various sizes of range ovens that offer larger oven capacity and cooktop surfaces to meet your needs. If you have a specific décor in mind, range ovens have many styles and colours available to meet your aesthetic needs.

The cons – compared to wall ovens, range ovens are not as accessible because they are under the cooktop and require bending or crouching to clean, and to load food into the oven. Because there are many brands and models of range ovens available, any other cons worth mentioning would be determined according to the specifics of each range oven.

Ultimately, the final decision between wall ovens and range ovens will come down to your personal preference, and the space available in your kitchen you want to dedicate to cooking.

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