Washing Machine and Dryer Installation Services: Book Online!

21 November 2016

Home appliances such as washing machines and dryers are an integral part of modern homes in Australia, with most new homes having these pre-installed and ready-to-use when the home owner moves in. However, when it does come time to repair or purchase a new washing machine and dryer, then it is advised to get some professional help from Master Tech Appliance Service – a professional home appliance installation service provider for all major brands of dishwashers, dryers, ovens and ranges.

Home appliances have become high-tech pieces of equipment that are not as simple to install as they used to be many years ago, back then, most folks could safely do it themselves. Because the warranty of new washing machines and dryers often covers the replacement of parts, as well as the maintenance and servicing of these when needed, major brand appliance manufacturers may require that only authorised appliance installation and services companies install their home appliances.

The reason that appliance manufacturers require their machines to be installed by professionals is simple to understand, it is because badly installed washing machines and dryers have a tendency to malfunction or develop problems later on, which may cause wiring problems or plumbing leaks.

In this way, by having authorised installation agents, like Master Tech Appliance Service, install new washing machines and dryers, appliance manufactures can assure their customers that the machines they purchase online or off-line will work as they are supposed to.

Book Online Your Washing Machine and Dryer Installation

The Internet has made what was impossible many years ago, now possible – shopping for home appliances online. Not only can you browse among a wide selection of washing machines and dryers online, these can be delivered to your front door, or picked up at a department store or service centre. Either way, when you visit the website of Master Tech Appliance Service, you can easily schedule an installation of a new appliance when you book online.

Here at Master Tech Appliance Service, you can be assured that the quality washing machine or dryer you bought online will be installed correctly, and will function just as the appliance manufacture designed it too.

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