What is the Function and Importance of an Oven Thermocouple?

16 May 2019

When it comes to problems with kitchen ovens, trained appliance service technicians have a fairly easy time diagnosing them. While there are highly reliable, top-quality brand European ovens available today that boast the latest technologies, these are not immune to part failure. Over time and with use, even the best kitchen appliance brands need maintenance and repairs.

One of the most common spare parts that are needed to repair most problems with modern kitchen oven brands is the oven thermocouple. What is an oven thermocouple, and what does it do? That is a good question to ask, as knowing the answer can help solve the most common problems and complaints people have with kitchen ovens.

Here are some of the most common kitchen oven problems:

– The pilot light won’t turn on or won’t stay lit.
– The oven will get hotter than desired.
– The oven will not cook food evenly.
– The temperature of the oven will not rise as desired.

The main cause of these above-mentioned problems is a faulty thermocouple. The thermocouple is a special safety device that is designed to detect whether or not your kitchen oven’s pilot light is lit. It is a metal rod that is positioned very near the flame of the oven’s pilot light. This safety rod is connected to the oven’s gas valve, and when the pilot light is lit the heat from the flame causes a signal that is sent through the thermocouple that will keep the gas line open.

If the flame of the pilot goes out, the signal from the thermocouple will be lost and the gas line to the oven will be closed. When the thermocouple is not aligned directly in the flame of the pilot light it cannot get hot enough to send a voltage signal to open the safety valve that allows gas to reach the oven.

A faulty oven thermocouple can cause the safety valve to open and close inconstantly, which can cause erratic and uncontrolled temperature changes in the oven. The best solution to these common oven problems is to have your oven serviced and the thermocouple replaced.

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