Why Do You Need Rangehoods for Your Kitchen?

09 November 2017

If you cook a lot, then you most likely spend more time in the kitchen than you do anywhere else in your home, with the exception perhaps of the bedroom. Cooking can be a glorious hobby or an all-consuming passion, but whether you are a full-time self-made master chef or a weekend cook, one thing is for certain – the skills may make the chef, but the appliances make the kitchen.

Cooking produces a lot of smoke, and it also produces airborne grease and other strong odours, such as from spices or fermented and pungent things; odours that can permeate throughout your entire house. Not to mention, if there is no way to control it, a lot of smoke can cause breathing problems for people in the house.

If you enjoy cooking, then you know how important it is to have a dependable, quality rangehood installed in your kitchen, to contain odours and smoke while you are cooking.

A Quick Look at Range Hoods

For those who are not familiar with its name – rangehood is basically a specialised ‘exhaust’ air filtration system that is installed directly above your stovetop or cooktop. It is specifically designed to remove airborne grease, smoke, steam, odours, and fumes that are produced as a result from cooking, so these don’t bellow into the rest of your home.

Most standard rangehoods simply act as a sort of ‘exhaust vent’ for smoke and odours, but specialised ones are also available which have built in fans that allow fresh air to circulate into the area, while the odoriferous air is sucked out. These are top brand rengehoods that have specialised air filtration systems that remove even the smallest particles of soot and grease that are produced from frying, charring, and searing.

Here are some great advantages that rangehoods provide and why you need them in your kitchen:

• Odour removal – no more pesky smells that linger and permeate throughout your house.

• Better air circulation – there are a number of health risks associated with accumulated smoke, soot, and airborne grease. Rangehoods help to reduce the risk of bronchial-related illnesses by literally cleaning the air.

• Additional fire safety
– specialised European rangehoods called ‘hood over hangs’ are specifically designed to even contain and prevent fires.

Increased safety, odour prevention, the added benefit of improving your home’s air quality are all good reasons why you need a top brand rangehood in your kitchen. You can find high-quality rangehoods, kitchen appliances, and spare parts at Master Tech Appliance Service.

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