Why Should You Choose a Factory Certified Kitchen Appliance Installer?

04 December 2017

Safety and security are the most important things to consider when somebody is handling the installation of kitchen appliances in your home. A poorly installed gas range, for example, can cause a fire or result in damage to your kitchen appliance, among other things.

How to ensure the safe installation of your kitchen appliance? That’s easy, make sure that you choose a factory certified kitchen appliance installer from Master Tech Appliance Services.

Reasons Why You Should Choose a Factory Certified Kitchen Appliance Installer


While many local tradespeople such as carpenters, landscapers, technicians, plumbers, and handymen may call themselves professionals, what is the guarantee that you will receive the best service? Professionalism comes with proper training, experience, documentation, licensing, credentials and excellent customer service. If you need a kitchen appliance installed, it is advised to seek out a factory certified and trained appliance installer because you will receive the professionalism you really need.


Booking a service with a certified kitchen appliance installer can save you money. How? While referred technicians and servicemen can be cheaper to hire, their work is not guaranteed and may void the warranty of your kitchen appliance, especially if they are not certified by the manufacturer.

In fact, appliance installers that are not properly trained may rush through their work and make mistakes. Hiring someone that is referred to you by a friend may not be the best option, as they may not be well-trained or experienced in the installation of your specific brand and model of kitchen appliance.

Although there may be many experienced servicemen available, when it comes to installing high-quality European brand kitchen appliances under warranty, then nothing less than a factory certified kitchen appliance installer will do.

Peace of Mind

When you book an installation service from Master Tech Appliance Services, you have the peace of mind knowing that your new kitchen appliance will be installed properly and safely, with all work being approved under factory warranty.

Master Tech Appliance Services is a licensed company with the professionalism that handles warranty and installation services for ‘all’ major kitchen appliance brands. With over 25 years of experience in maintaining, repairing, and installing kitchen appliances, Master Tech Appliance Services is an authorised factory certified kitchen appliance installer.

It is easy to book an installation. Simply fill out the online form providing your basic contact information, the type and model of the kitchen appliance you want installed. You can expect a confirmation call within 48 hours, it’s that easy!

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