Why Should You Choose the Best Brands for Kitchen Appliances?

14 February 2018

If you have plans to purchase a new kitchen appliance for your home, but you are not sure what type of oven or range to buy until you arrive at your local department store, then there is something you should know – not all kitchen appliance brands are made the same.

It is not uncommon that people don’t consider the type or brand of kitchen appliance they will buy until they arrive at a department store or mall, and then choose from among whatever brand appliances that are available. This is not recommended for those who wish to purchase a quality, long-lasting kitchen appliance, as there are many appliance brands that are not well-known, time-tested and proven to last.

This is not the case with quality, top brand kitchen appliances such as St George, Ascot, Klasse, Schweigen, Glen Dimplex, Euro, Euromaid, Belling, Robinhood, Home Appliances, IAG Appliances, and Belling.

Reasons You Should Choose the Best Brands for Kitchen Appliances

Generic brand ovens and ranges are everywhere, cheaply priced and made, and many people settle for these because they are affordable. However, if you want a kitchen appliance that will last for many years, with little maintenance requirements, then don’t just settle for just any brand of oven and range, especially if you are one who enjoys cooking. Instead, you should choose the best brands for your kitchen, here are some reasons why:

Best brand kitchen appliances are reliable – well-known kitchen appliances such as St George, Westinghouse, and Ascot are dependable, made from quality materials that will last longer than cheaply made generic brand appliances.

Less maintenance and repairs – the best brand appliances are tested to be rugged and well-made, these will last longer and require less maintenance because their parts are made to handle frequent use. Top brands kitchen appliances are a must-have for commercial establishments and for those who like to cook often.

Extended warranty coverage – the extra money spent on a quality, top brand kitchen appliance will give you a piece of mind. If any problems do occur, the extended warranty coverage will cover parts and maintenance well over the basic 30 to 60 day store warranty on generic brand appliances.

Local appliance services available – when inexpensive, generic kitchen appliances break-down and need parts and servicing, repair costs can easily exceed the worth of the appliance. This is why people chose to purchase a new kitchen appliance instead because few appliance repair services refuse to service cheaper generic brands.

At Master Tech Appliance Services, we are authorised by all major brand appliance manufactures to conduct warranty services. Booking a service is easy to do, just fill out basic information online about your kitchen appliance, and you will receive confirmation within 48 hours or less.

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