Why You Should Choose Original Spare Parts when Maintaining Your Kitchen Appliances?

27 July 2021

Kitchen appliances play a pivotal role in many properties. For one, a lot of them have been very useful in cooking and heating food products. Other types of kitchen appliances have likewise been utilised in ensuring the cleanliness and orderliness of the kitchen spaces.

And with the continuous use of kitchen appliances, some of them may require maintenance so they can still work and reach their intended service life. One part of maintenance that they may undergo is regular cleaning. Another part of maintenance that many appliances might need is by replacing some of their core components. While many repair centres offer tons of replacement parts for kitchen appliances, you must still be wary about the main source of these parts.

The Dangers of Using Third-Party Parts

One type of replacement part that you should worry about is third-party parts. These specific replacement parts are generated by companies that are not the main manufacturers of kitchen appliances. Even if these companies have all the exact specifications of the kitchen appliances, there are still some elements of the replacement parts that they might have missed or skipped altogether.

Third-party parts can be affordable and functional in some ways, but the issues associated with them may be brought into the kitchen appliances themselves and produce more problems along the way. Sometimes, the presence of these parts may only lead to significant downtime of the kitchen appliances. These parts may even damage the appliances entirely, which would only cost you a lot more compared to opting for more costly yet more reliable original spare parts.

There are some reasons why third-party parts typically do not perform well as opposed to their original counterpart. For one, they do not undergo similar rigorous testing and quality procedures that the original spare parts normally undertake. Third-party parts may not likewise have all the intended specifications of the kitchen appliances. They might not even perform similarly to the parts that they will replace.

Utilise Original Spare Parts All the Time

Original spare parts, which are often referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, are typically produced by the manufacturers of kitchen appliances themselves. Since they are made by the manufacturers themselves, they are expected to work similarly to the parts being replaced. These parts are preferred by many repair centres since they can typically preserve the service life of kitchen appliances and retain their performance. Despite being expensive than the third-party ones, the total expenses that the original spare parts can save in the long run are significantly high.

One great thing about original spare parts is that they can feature some updates or upgrades that are necessary for the kitchen appliances. Some of their design elements might have been updated to ensure that the kitchen appliances can work better. Another benefit of using original spare parts is that they are often accompanied by a warranty, allowing the manufacturers to cover the repairs for not only the replaced part but also the entire kitchen appliance. Safety, ultimately, is considered heavily in manufacturing and installing the original spare parts to the appliances.

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