Belling Kitchen Appliances: Spare Parts and Installation Service Available at Master-Tech

25 February 2022

Belling appliances are known for quality, and they are built to last. They make a wide range of appliances that include ranges, freestanding ranges, range hoods, commercial ranges, and accessories. Belling is a British brand with over 100 years of experience making fine kitchen products. They are popular in homes, commercial kitchens, and restaurants. If your Belling appliance breaks, it is important to call a qualified service technician who specialises in the brand.

Why Belling Appliances

Belling Appliances typically come with a three to five-year warranty. This includes parts and labour. This is one of the reasons why Australians love them so much. When you buy a Belling, you know the company stands behind it and you can enjoy years of hassle-free operation.

For the warranty to be in place, you must make sure to register your appliance when you first purchase it. If your appliance does break or need repair, it must be performed by a certified technician. Otherwise, the warranty will be void, and you will have to pay for the entire cost of the repairs yourself. Also, you must only use factory-approved Belling parts for the repair. For this reason, it is important to not allow someone to work on it who is not factory-trained to do so.

Belling Installation Specialists

When having your Belling cooktop, freestanding range, rangehood, or wall oven installed, it is important to have it done by someone qualified to do it correctly. The installation must meet Australian state and local building codes. An improper installation can mean that the warranty on your appliance is void, but the improper installation of home appliances can also affect the warranty on your home or homeowner’s insurance.

A factory-trained technician knows how to make sure the electrical systems are hooked up properly, the structure of the home is not affected, and all other safety requirements are met. This is to assure that you and your family are safe and that the warranty would be honoured if anything should need to be repaired before it expires.

Call Master Tech Appliances for Belling Repair in Dandenong South

Now, you can see why it is important to obtain parts only from a qualified Belling appliance repair shop. Belling is a quality brand, and you can expect them to operate flawlessly for many years. When something does break, Master Tech Appliances is the team to call.

Our technicians are qualified to install, maintain, and repair Belling appliances in your home or commercial facility. We also install and service other major brands that include Euromaid, Robinhood, Emilia, Glem, Esatto, Allensi, Chef, Westinghouse, Schweigen, and appliances from many other manufacturers. We serve the Dandenong South and surrounding areas in Victoria. If you need Belling appliance repair, contact us, and our team will be out as soon as possible so that your appliance will be working again quickly.

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