Common Issues with Rangehood Fans That Need Immediate Repair

06 February 2023

A range hood is a useful appliance for your kitchen. Through a grease filter and ductwork, it can vent heat, various stale odours, and pollutants outside. A range hood needs upkeep and repairs over time, just like any other home item. You need to discover a solution immediately if your range hood is not functioning properly. The following are the range hood fan’s most common issues that need immediate repair:

Fuse/Overcurrent Protection Sensor

Look for burnt metal or discoloured glass on your circuit breaker box to identify the blown fuse. Check the fuse with a multimeter to check whether there is an ongoing electrical current. If the multi-meter displays the correct voltage, a continuous current is present. Otherwise, the fuse has blown. In this situation, it needs to be changed.

Defective Switches

Confirming that electricity flows to the switches is critical because the control panel connects to the fan and lights. To check the current, use a multimeter. A switch needs to be replaced if you can’t detect a current.

Incoming Power Problem

A short circuit or overload could occur in the socket. This may occur if there are numerous electrical equipment connected. Now switch your breaker by unplugging a few electrical appliances from the socket. Moreover, you can test it to rule out a socket issue. The simplest test is to plug in another electrical equipment; if it powers on and functions, your range hood is the issue. If your appliance still doesn’t turn on after being plugged in, check your circuit breaker; it might have tipped.

Fan Motor Not Spinning

You must test the fan switch on the range hood for continuity with a multi-meter or continuity tester to determine whether it permits current to flow to the motor when the switch is turned on. The fan switch controls the operation of the fan motor. The range hood must be unplugged for the duration of this test. Inspect the wiring to see if the fan motor receives 120 volts and if the control board turns on the motor. Replace the motor if necessary.

Malfunctioning User Control or Display Board

Frequently, this board is misdiagnosed. Examine all of the most often failing components before replacing them. The touch panel needs to be changed without a doubt if it won’t switch on or work at different speeds. To fix the lighting issue, replacing the range hood lights, which are connected to the control panel, is also necessary. Before doing that, ensure they have electricity and the bulbs haven’t burned out.

Issues with the Circuit Control Board

The circuit board can be broken if your range hood exhaust fan isn’t operating. Most often, the circuit board must be checked if the touch panel is lighting up and operating at all speeds, but the blower is not. Look for melted parts or shattered pieces to tell if the hood is operating. If not, get in touch with experts in range hoods to replace a circuit board.

If you are experiencing any of these issues above, it’s time to call in experts to identify the cause of your rangehood fan not working, and none of your quick solutions has restored it to working order. Licensed professional appliance services are provided for all major brands, types, and models of range hoods by knowledgeable and skilled experts at Master Tech. Rangehoods are essential to your home kitchen, and ensuring that it works perfectly fine is important. Contact us at 1300 131 118 today!

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