Common Mistakes in Kitchen Appliance Installation

14 August 2017

The most integral and necessary parts in a home kitchen are the appliances, and because of that, people have invested a lot of money over a lifetime on a number of different types of kitchen appliances. Most people buy kitchen appliances as needed, such as when an oven or a free standing range ceases to function properly and are too old to repair, or, when a new hood is needed for a kitchen renovation project.

The most difficult part of buying a new kitchen appliance, after searching all over town for the appliance you want, is to have it transported to your home and installed, properly. Not all department stores deliver the kitchen appliances they sell, most just contract the delivery and installation to a third-party installer, this is also the case when you buy kitchen appliances online. Until you have your kitchen range delivered and installed, you just don’t know what kind of installation service you will receive.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to experience mistakes in kitchen appliance installation, especially when buying cheap appliances online. That is why it is recommended to buy only recognized major brand kitchen appliances online, appliances that come with a warranty, just in case mistakes are made during installation.

What common mistakes in kitchen appliance installation are there? That is a good question to ask, here are a few below:

Bad installation, kitchen appliances that don’t function properly – this happens when installers are not properly trained to install the latest models of major brand kitchen appliances, installers may not know how to ensure that your appliance is fully functioning properly. This is mostly the case with the latest models of appliances that have advanced electronic controls.

Installing a hood too high – when a hood is installed too high above the cooktop emissions from cooking can escape and travel throughout the kitchen and home; that is because the ventilating system is not close enough to function effectively to capture all the smoke.

Plumbing and gas piping leaks – it is not uncommon that after an appliance installer has left, water leaks from a dishwasher or the smell of gas from a range are noticed. Connecting water and gas lines to appliances incorrectly is not uncommon, and fixing it often require contacting another appliance repair and installation service.

If you want to avoid the common mistakes in kitchen appliance installation, then it is advised to book a service with the best kitchen appliance installers, at Master Tech Appliance Service – a company specialising in the installation of major brand appliances, spare parts, appliance maintenance, and warranty service.

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