Lofra Italian Kitchen Appliances: Master Tech Offers Installation and Available Spare Parts

30 April 2018

Lofra Italian kitchen appliances, such as gas free-standing cookers, both gas and electric built-in ovens, and cooker hoods, are well-known around the world for being top-quality. So, if you have your eyes set on Lofra Italian kitchen appliances for your home, then you have made a wise decision, as this quality brand makes products that are reliable and long-lasting.

While there are many types and brands of kitchen appliances available in Australia, many generic brands that are popular for being affordable do not last as long. And when problems occur, and maintenance or non-warranty service is needed, parts are either hard to find or just not available.

Installation is yet another concern for those who purchase other than top-quality brand kitchen appliance, as not all kitchen appliance services will agree to install lesser brands. The reason for this is because the cost for installation services may not reflect the “affordable” price of generic brand appliance, and people are less likely to avail of professional installation services and will settle for hiring a handyman.

Top-quality European kitchen appliance come with a warranty that can be voided if the appliance is not installed by authorised agents of the manufacturers. In this case, when a reasonable amount of money is spent on a quality kitchen brand appliance, such as Lofra, it is just common sense to hire a professional kitchen appliance installation service to protect your warranty coverage.

Master Tech Offers Installation and Available Spare Parts for Lofra Italian Kitchen Appliances

If you are planning to order Lofra Italian kitchen appliance, or you have already made a purchase, and you are seeking an authorised installation service provider, look no further than Master Tech Appliance Services.

At Master Tech, we are official agents that are trained and authorised to conduct installation and warranty services on all major brand kitchen appliance brands, such as Lofra, St George, Euromaid, Ascot, Home Appliances, Glen Dimplex, Robinhood, IAG Appliances, Euro, Belling, Schweigen, Allenzi, and Klasse.

To book an installation with Master Tech is easy, just visit our website, click on “Book an Installation” and then provide the required basic contact information and a few details about your new kitchen appliance. Once you submit the information you can expect to receive confirmation within 48 hours.

At Master Tech, we have spare parts available for Lorfa and all major brand kitchen appliances, and if we don’t have the spare parts you need, they can be ordered. If you need warranty or non-warranty maintenance and repair services, for any major brand appliance, call Master Tech Appliance Services.

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